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Friday, September 5, 2008

I found out this past Tuesday that I failed my 1 hr glucose test and had to go in one day this week to have a 3 hr test done. I passed the 1 hr with I was a little suprised. My blood sugar had tested a little high back in the fall during a physical...but not too bad and at the beginning of my pregnancy it was perfect.

I don't think my test today could have gone much worse....

Well, when I took my 1hr, they told me I had to drink the bottle of orange grossness in 10 min and I barely could. Today they told me 5 min (and that the last one should have been 5 min too). I was on my last gulp and had to RUN to be sick. Thank GOODNESS there was a restroom right next to where I was. I had tried looking at the butterfly murals on the wall and breathing deeply through my nose, but to no avail. So, as I'm throwing up blood starts pouring out my nose (I get nosebleeds a lot from a vein close to the skin, not a big deal) and I can't even deal with it cause I'm throwing up so hard..AND as if that's not a pretty enough picture..every time I heaved I "wet" myself - how embarassing. Afterwards, I was crazy shaking and seeing stars. What fun!!!

Apparently, I was the third person this week to get sick and not be able to finish the test. You'd THINK maybe they could come up with a better way of administering this test - specifically for the pregnant women that get sick easily. I'd rather have sugar injected into my vein than have to drink their orange potion in 5 min. They gave me the option of retaking it another day, redo the 1 hr instead so I don't have to fast (although I fasted for the 1hr) and so Chris doesn't have to stay home again to drop off and pick up Katie, or just proceeding with being treated for Gestational Diabetes. I was thinking about trying to redo...but knowing how hard it was to keep down, I honestly don't know if I can do it in 5 min. Also, apparently my 1hr was pretty high - 156 - and since I drank over 10 min they think it would have been even higher had I drank it correctly over 5 it doesn't seem likely to them that I would pass the 3 hr anyway. Ugh!!

Maybe this explains why I've been feeling so crappy lately sometimes though. Like yesterday, it was such a crappy sluggish and dizzy all day. Well maybe not, I just looked up some gestational diabetes symptoms..apparently you can have no symptoms or excessive pregnancy weight gain, excessive thirst and/or hunger,or frequent urination. Well, my weight gain has been terrific..I'm just about at my prepregnancy weight still - maybe a few lbs over depending on what I've gained in the last week. As for the others..well, who the heck could separate that from regular pregnancy symptoms?


debi9kids September 5, 2008 at 11:12 PM  

OH crap! That sucks Julie! Atleast you don't have too long to go...

Anonymous,  September 7, 2008 at 7:06 PM  

Not nice, I know but.... once you got to describing wetting your pants I had to chuckle. That must have been horrible!!!!

Anonymous,  September 8, 2008 at 4:46 PM  

you sure are the pukey-prego. so whats so gross about the drink? it looks like kool-aid..O-YEAH!

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