Baby Picture Sunday - I Scream, You Scream

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing along with Debi for Baby Picture Sunday this week...because I still can't bring myself to start going through all the Christening pics...but soon...very soon. She picked I Scream, You Scream as her theme this week...hmm, could be ice cream related, could be crying kids..but what really makes everyone scream over here is sick kids. Here's a throwback to May 2006. Katie looks innocent enough, but check out the video. As you may have guessed, we're currently miserable over here in the Other Bouf house. Katie started coughing again Friday night at my mom's house. Tim's been back to snotty, coughing teething since Wednesday afternoon (as soon as grandma and grandpa left). In addition to his two bottom teeth, he also now has FOUR upper teeth either broken through or right at the surface. And then there's me...dying for a good night's sleep and now with a sore throat myself. Timmy actually slept through the night last night...could have been the children's Benadryl..of which Chris says we're now giving him EVERY night. But what happens when Timmy actually sleeps...Katie's up of course. It never fails...every single time. About 3am she had coughed so hard that she threw up in her bed. Fun times! Miraculously she feeling a "little better" this morning.


TWO for TWOS-Day - Trios

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For this TWOS-Day, sponsored by Eight is Great, I'm sharing TWO THREEsomes.

Last week, Katie had her 3-year-old Pre-K class trip to Storybookland. As with all of her groups of friends, she is surrounded by boys. These are two of the group we regularly attend birthday parties with: Aiden (1 of THREE in her class) and Joshua. Don't you love how Katie is SO tall that she has to hunch down to take a picture with them?

And the week before that, we had dinner at Aunt Debi and Uncle Russ's house. Here's Katie with two of her fav cousins - Keith and Emma. By the way, I have never noticed what a LOOONG chin Keith has until seeing these pictures. Actually, at Timmy's Christening this past Sunday (pics to come or go see Debi's blog for a sneak peak), Katie, Emma, and my sister's daughter Paige were running around the house together and it was just so darn cute for me to see Katie playing with the other little girls since all of our "playdate" friends are little boys. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera right there to grab a picture, but they were all so cute together, all 3, with their long blond to strawberry blond hair.


Too soon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am still nauseated after finding out yesterday that one of our college friends died on Wednesday night. Simcox was one of Chris's fraternity brothers and was always fun to be around. We didn't really see each other very much anymore, even though he moved to the town right next to us. I hate that we don't see everyone more often and I hate that it's situations like this that remind us to call our friends. We have dealt with so much sickness and death in the last few months, but it is scarily surreal when it is someone that is the same age as you.

This is (Jim) Simcox and 4 month old Katie at our friend (Kyle) Scully's wedding in November 2005. Last night I was remembering how adorable he was with Katie at the wedding...he kept coming over to hold her a little bit more (who could blame him?) It was so cute to me because it was another side of Simcox to see him so enamored by a baby girl. I went searching and found this picture of the two of them together.

I'm not going to go into the details of what happened, but if you're interested, this is a link to the news story. I can't stop thinking about how scared he must have been. Jim, I hope you are at peace. We will miss you.


Way Back and WORDFUL Wednesday - Disney Vacation (Day 4) - A LONG (but fun) Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Since our vacation was OVER a month ago and I'm STILL wrapping up blogging about it, I definately think it qualifies for Twinfatuation's Way-Back Wednesday and well, it DEFINATELY qualifies for WORDFUL Wednesday over at 7 Clown Circus. Check out their great blogs to see who else is playing along or to join in yourself.

On Friday of our vacation we went to Animal Kingdom for the entire day and then directly to the Polynesian resort to have dinner at Ohana (our favorite!!). I think we got to the park about 9:15am. We split from the boys right away so Chris could go get us fast passes for the Safari in Africa. Katie and I went towards Dinoland. First we stopped to get our picture taken in front of the Tree of Life. I am normally go, go, go with no stops until we get to our first rides but I learned to be a lot more mellow on this trip. For one, I had to be traveling with a 6 month old and second, it really wasn't that crowded. Although, Animal Kingdom, later in the day, turned out to be the most crowded day of all. We didn't have to wait for any rides, but the walkways were really crowded and there just seemed to be a lot of rude people out this day. At one point, I was trying to get out of the restroom and this big group was standing right in front so noone could get in or out. I stood there saying excuse me for a few minutes and eventually pushed my way through. I told them that I'm not sure you realize it, but you are all blocking the only way in and out of the rest room. What was the ringleaders response? Shut uuup! Them are fighting words! I went over to Chris FUMING and he just laughed at me. So back to a carefree morning....on our way to Dinoland I saw that Pooh and Eeyore were out to take pictures and Katie was eager to see them so we took a little trip to see them first.

A word on Katie's outfit. I actually dressed her in this with the expectation that she would go on the Kali River Rapids and get soaked and then get changed before breakfast. I was utterly amazed that even when she didn't go on that ride before breakfast she still cooperated and changed her clothes for me before breakfast (because I'm neurotic like that).

What a good cuddler Eeyore is!
Then we continued on to Dinoland and went out the Triceratop Spin (similar to the Dumbo ride, but with Dinosaurs). We took some pictures of ourself by holding the camera out and Katie thought that was hysterical, so we have many of this pose...some even taken by Katie.
While we were in the air, we noticed Chris and Timmy were there to meet us, but because there is never a line for this ride first thing in the morning we went on one more time. Then we headed over to Dinosaur! Katie was tall enough last year, but we figured it was too scary for her. This time I thought she could handle it, and she did, BUT it was even more scary than I remembered and I kept covering her eyes every time I thought the really scary T-Rex was about to jump down on us so she didn't get scared. I think she'll probably skip it next time around.

After some potty breaks, it was close to our 10:20 breakfast time so instead of riding the rapids, we cut through to Asia and got fast passes for me and Chris to ride Expedition Everest later on. We then moved on back to Africa to check in for our Donald breakfast at Tusker House. Donald, Daisy, Mickey and Goofy are at this one, but it's considered a "Donald" breakfast because it's the only character meal that he's at. We had been to this breafast for the first time last year and loved it and since we usually spend an entire day at Animal Kingdom - it's a nice late morning break to sit down here to eat. I haven't mentioned this before, but when possible we usually try to get the latest breafast reservation possible. We'll eat actual breakfast at our hotel (we bring all kinds of breakfast bars and mini cereal boxes with us) and then treat this as our lunch (usually followed by an early dinner).

Delighted to see Daisy!
(See, Katie HAD to switch clothes so she would kind of match us in our breakfast pictures :)

There's Donald!!

Hey, you..with the big nose and ears...look at ME!!!

Hel-LOOO up there!
(This picture cracks me up...I have a bunch with her looking at the camera and hugging Goofy, but this one was too funny to me not to put in here)

Daddy, it's time to - I'll help you finish your drink. Let's go! Let's go!

I didn't mean so you could smear me with SUNBLOCK! (Yea, I don't know why it made me so sad this time either, I absolutely cracked up every other time you put it on me.)

Safari man, ready to see the animals...

Just a few of the ones we saw...
I didn't snap too many pictures since I have them from past vacations, but I had to get the crocodiles (top right) since their Katie's favorite and the others were just really cool and close to us. The chimp was from the walking trails after the actual safari ride.

Photographer: Hands up. Say Grrr and pretend you're a lion....
Katie: Um OR, I'll just continue to make a mess with my popsicle, instead.

We skipped the INCREDIBLE Finding Nemo and Lion King shows this trip since we've seen them multiple time before. (If you are going for the first time, you should REALLY try to fit those shows in). We did decide to give the bird show a try since we had never seen it before. It was cute and both kids liked it, but it went on and on with no end in after we enjoyed it for about 20-30 min, we ducked out.

Did you know that the American Bald Eagle is off the endangered species list now? (...or close or something...don't quote me.)

After the show we got our fast passes for the Kali River Rapids and then headed over to Expedition Everest. I got into my fight I told you about earlier and then Chris went on the ride while I nursed Timmy and me and the kids hung out on a shaded bench. He was back in no time at all and then I got to ride and I had him bring the kids over to the Dig Site playground back in Dinoland. It's funny, this trip it seemed that the rides I remembered being boring were more fun than I remember and those that I really looked forward to didn't live up to my expectations from last time. I had been on Everest in December 2006, when I considered it to be THE best Disney roller coaster. I couldn't go on last year because I was pregnant, so I was really excited this time and I even wound up in the very first cart. It was loads of fun, but I do think the Aerosmith Rocking Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios is better.

I met up with Chris and the kids at the playground. One of the Disney photographers, who are usually only with characters or at the main picture points (like the Tree of Life), was in snapping pictures of the kids playing. The second she saw Timmy she just plopped on the ground in front of him and started snapping away because he was being so cute and silly.
Full belly, sitting on Daddy's lap, piggies in my hand, in the shade on a beautiful day...WHAT could be better?

And then when she was done, she just stayed and played with him, trying to get him to give a great big smile for me to capture with MY camera.

Ha, ha..oh yea, a silly lady playing with me and making silly faces is even better.

We played for a while and at about 2:15 we headed over to find our seats for the 3:00 parade. We had always skipped all parades in the past because I knew Katie couldn't handle sitting and waiting for them, um, and neither could her dad. I knew she would love them now though and I was right..she LOVED the parades. After waiting with us for a bit, Chris took off with Timmy to find a bench off the parade route to sit on. What was he thinking; he missed all this...

After the parade (where we purposefully sat right near the Rapids), Chris and Katie went on the Kali River Rapids and got all wet! At this point it was about 4:00 and we had 5:05 dinner reservations at Ohana...but just one bus we stopped to get our departing picture:

It then proceeded to take us 1 and a HALF hours to get to the Polynesian!!!! I think we were at the bus stop by about 4:15, we figured we were in luck, we JUST caught a bus that was about to leave...that's where our luck ended. I guess close behind us were a group of guests with wheelchairs. It takes a long time to get them on the bus. But at least when you get to the stops, you don't usually have to wait again, BUT apparently the Animal Kingdom busses all ALSO stop at Typhoon Lagoon AND all the busses going to the Polynesian ALSO stop first at the Contemporary...where all of the guests with wheelchairs were unloaded. The drivers are actually pretty quick about buckling them on and off the buses, but the buses have a hydraulic lift to lower the steps for the wheelchairs and it is SOOOO slow!! I was then basically hyperventilating (and I'm not even exaggerating) because it's approaching 5:45 and our reservation was at 5:05. This is a popular restaurant and I was so afraid that they wouldn't even sit us without a huge wait AND we were all disgusting and dirty and had no time to wash up and change. But as I checked in, in a wild panic, I was reminded that I was in Disneyworld. I was told that since we were so past our reservation that would make us NEXT...was that good for us? I mentioned that I would love an opportunity to clean up first and I was told sure, would 15 minutes be good for you? Ah, PERFECT?!?! So, we cleaned up, changed (me and the kids, anyway), and got called exactly 15 minutes later. (I should add,though, that not only do we love the food at Ohana, but it has continually-and this was our third time there - had the best service of all the Disney restaurants for us...the people there are just EXTRA friendly and helpful.

It is so much fun for the kids, with parades and games every 20-30 minutes.

Part of the parade around the room.

Playing with moraccas and doing the limbo (and later on she got to push a coconut around the room with a broom).

The food at Ohana is all you can eat family style. It starts out with salad, asian noodles, honey barbeque chicken wings, steamed brocolli, and dumplings and then the meat is served table to table off of long skewers...shrimp, turkey, steak, and pork...cooked over a wood-burning fire.

Wiped out...but not to tired to devour her food cave girl style (there ARE utensils; Katie just prefers to use no manners), until it's time to wait for dessert...

I love this place, mom!

Arghh, and so do I!

It was finally time to say goodbye to the beautiful view looking out from our table. Time to get home and ready for bed...and to wait for Grammi to get in (at 1:00am)...

cause we had a big morning the next day...
the MAGIC KINGDOM and breakfast at Chef Mickey's for Day 5!!!!


Baby Picture Sunday - All About Mom

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I normally hate the way I look in pictures, so I get really excited to find a pic of me and one of my kiddos that I actually like. The day we went to Animal Kingdom, Katie and I split from the boys when we first got there. The Disney Photographer got this picture of us and then I cropped it and turned it to black and white.

Check out some more "mom" themed baby (or kid) pictures or play along yourself by visiting Who Says 8 is Enough?

P.S. Blame Debi for me being off topic...her actual post says the theme is Mother's Day, but her title says All About that's what I went with. perfect Mother's Day would be back on vacation anyway :)

Make sure you check out all the pics I've posted so far from our April vacation here, here, here, here and here. I still have vacations days 4-8 to go, though. And if you have any questions about Disneyworld vacations, ask ask ask. I love Disneyworld vacations and love to talk about them.


F4 - Disney Vacation (Day 3) - Look who stole my baby!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Once again, I'm combining our vacation recap with Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, and yes, I'm ONLY on Day 3 of 8. Make sure you check out her blog to see who else is playing along this week or to join in yourself!

On Thursday, Day 3 of our vacation, we headed out to Hollywood Studios. We were at the park by about 9:15am. Chris went straight to the new Toystoria Mania! to get us Fast Passes and the kids and I got in line for the first Playhouse Disney show, featuring Mickeymouse Clubhouse, the Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and My Friends Tigger & Pooh. The line to get the fast passes was actually so long that Chris met up with us after the show. After the show, Katie noticed that Goofy and Pluto were out and she really wanted to see them so we got in line to take pictures with them.

Oh Goofy, I MISSED you!

Back with her pals!

You can't really tell in this picture, but Timmy really liked much that he got a stuffed Pluto for his souvenir.

We tried to go see Minnie and Daisy, too, who were right next to us, but their line was closing just as we got finished with Goofy and Pluto. By that point, it was about time to head over to our 10:20 breakfast at the Hollywood & Vine. This meal was with the characters Katie told me she was the most excited to see: Leo and June from the Little Einsteins and Jo Jo and Goliath from Jo Jo's Circus. We've done this meal every trip and Katie has seemed to move on from these shows in favor of some slightly more mature Nickelodeon shows, but she was still SO excited to see them.

Hmm, put some glasses on Tim and we may have a future Leo on our hands.

I don't think any of the characters are supposed to hold babies. The previous day I had asked Alice in Wonderland and she said she could only stand next to Timmy...but look who doesn't care about the rules...

I actually didn't even know that Goliath had taken Timmy that time. I must have been up getting food because I didn't see this until I was home and looking at my pictures.

Jo Jo, it's Jo Jo's Circus.....

What I did know about, was that Goliath came back again after Jo Jo, sat on the bench seat next to Katie and patted his legs and motioned for Chris to give him the baby back. The funny part was the Goliath did not want to give him back.

And Timmy didn't want to be given back...

Ok, ready for my nap now...

Actually, Chris put out his arms and asked Goliath if he wanted him to take the baby back and Goliath just shook his head no and hugged Timmy tighter. I think he sat with us holding Timmy while we finished eating for like 5 minutes. You rock Goliath!!! (We also saw June, but my camera battery died just as she came over.)

After breakfast, I think we played at the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Set for a little bit and we went back to Toy Story Mania! I don't remember the exact order. As we were in line I was commenting to Chris that it was so weird that they spent all this money on a new ride since it seemed to be so similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride they already had in the Magic Kingdom. Boy was I wrong! It was SO much fun! While the older ride moves through as you shoot targets throughout the ride and this is also a shooting game...this ride brings you to multiple screens where you are shooting to play different arcade style games. Written down it sounds so similar, but it really is different and by far one of the most fun rides. We loved it!!

Afterward we headed back to the hotel for a nice afternoon rest. The plan was to take a nap, maybe swim if we had time, and then head over to the Fort Wilderness Campground around 3:30 (to get there about 4:15) to have time to go to the petting zoo, ride the ponies, and play on the playground before our 6:05 dinner at Trail's End Buffeteria. But, Timmy who most needed a nap refused to we headed to the pool.

Um, daddy, I think I may be getting sleepy again now.

So, Chris took Timmy back to the room, after a bit of swimming finally knocked him out, and I stayed in the pool a bit longer with Katie.

See, who needs a bed when you can just relax in the pool?

Katie was doing a great job swimming (with her swimmies); she actually was swimming from one end to the other. After we played about one million of her made-up games, we packed it in to join the boys back in the room...and we all slept. Unfortunately, we had to skip the petting zoo and pony rides this time around. For the first time we took the ferry from the Magic Kingdom to get the campground and it was an absolutely beautiful ride (after I got Katie to calm down from her screaming tantrum because she didn't want to go on a boat...clearly she didn't get enough sleep.) We spent the beautiful 20 minute boat ride playing "The Color Game." It gets kind of tricky when there's not much to see besides water and greenery. We got there in plenty of time for dinner and Katie got to spend 15 minutes at the playground before checking in for dinner. The Trail's End Buffeteria is a REALLY yummy homestyle/barbeque buffet meal and actually one of the least expensive buffet meals at Disney. It's almost always easy to get a reservation there, probably because it's so far off the beaten path. This was our second time there and it was just as yummy as the first time. Katie had fun building blocks outside while we waited for our table.
Hmmm, another engineer in the family perhaps?

Katie dug right in, double fisting the food actually. Our waitress was horrible. Apparently, it can be quite difficult to just take drink orders for a table and get it right. Timmy was a major pain in the ass at this meal...but darn the food was yummy!

After dinner, some more playtime at the playground and some bathroom breaks, we took the bus back to Hollywood Studios to catch a bus back to our hotel. We thought about staying at the campground to go to the campfire/sing-along and outside movie. We gave Katie the choice to do that, go back to the park and maybe one more ride or back to our hotel. Of course she picked another ride. So we figured we'd head all the way to the back of the park to see if we could get on Toy Story Mania! one more time. The first Fantasmic show of the night was already underway so we hoped the line might not be too long. We finally made it back to the ride and...

So, Chris and I parked it on a bench while the waves of the Fantasmic show flooded out the exit gates. Not the best of timing. Lesson learned!

On our 4th vacation day we went to Animal Kingdom and dinner at Ohana at the Polynesian (our most favorite Disney restaurant!!!) be continued....


Disney (Day 2) - Wrapping it Up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To recap, we started out our second day of vacation with a photo shoot at the Grand Floridian and breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. I wrote all about them here. After the camera fiasco and having to go to lost and found, we finally made it to our first park, Epcot, at about 1pm.

Tim's working off the long morning with a snooze.
Epcot is really pretty in April because they have their Flower Festival and they have really cool flower displays, character themed shrubs/flowers, and some extra cool playgrounds there for the Festival.

Katie and I started off by going to Spaceship Earth while Chris went to Test Track with Timmy to get us Fast Passes. A mellow/lame ride by Disney standards, but Katie got off of her first ride of the trip gushing that "It was a REALLY great ride." Actually, I was even pleasantly suprised. I missed this one last time around. Chris and Katie went alone for some reason and it was actually better than I remembered. They incorporated a fun little story/game at the end while you go down where you pick things that are most important in your life and they show you "future" machines that will help make your life easier. It's done in a cartoon manner and one of the characters was actually Katie's face. She loved that!

After the ride, which only had about a 15 minute wait, it took us about 30 minutes to find/meet up with Chris...since the geniuses we are forgot to designate a specific meeting point. During that time I went to guest services and got a replacement Tables in Wonderland card...or shall I say..paid through the nose for a replacement. (It's a card that can be purchased by annual pass holders for 20% off all food/beverage...I had lost the one I got last year on the last day of vacation and was expecting to have to pay $35 to replace it...but they bumped it up to $50...grrrr!)
Next we walked through the Fairy Garden (flower exhibit and playground) and headed over to Mexico to ride the boat ride. To say Timmy enjoyed the boat ride is putting it mildly. There were screens with sound staggered on both sides of the boat and he could not whip his head back and forth fast enough to take it all in. Then we headed out for a break. Chris took the kids straight back to the hotel. I brought the empty stroller (since Chris couldn't hold Timmy and fold up the stroller on his own) back to the Grand Floridian to get my freaking camera. Good times!
Here's a little Then and Now:
Katie at 1 1/2 and now at almost 4
Katie one year ago and Katie now.
After a little rest and eating dinner at our hotel foodcourt we headed back to Epcot and got there about 7pm. We went straight over to the Finding Nemo ride, but it had just stopped working so we headed over the Crush show (from Finding Nemo) - then we all went on the Finding Nemo ride with no line at all. By the time we were done it was already about 8:15 our return time for Test Track, but I knew we wouldn't have time for both of us to take turns riding with Katie so just Katie and I went while Chris strolled Timmy around. The line was ridiculous and it still took us 1/2 hour in line since everyone was trying to use up their passes before the park closed. However, this ride was a big deal for Katie. Last year we had an issue and she didn't get to ride. You have to be 42 inches to ride. Last year, with shoes, Katie WAS 42 inches and rode all the other 42 inch minimum rides, but the day we went over to test track she was wearing her crocs which are much lower than all her sandles and they wouldn't let her on. She was crushed - but she was SO excited this time...not that you can tell in this picture...

We got off the ride just in time for the fireworks at 9pm. This was another first for Katie. Her first trip we didn't even attempt any fireworks and last year we tried, but she was so tired she just freaked out...for the same reason she's never even gone to 4th of July this was her first time EVER seeing fireworks and she LOVED them!!! We didn't really see the water portion of the show because we stayed in Future World at the entrance to the World Showcase, but that worked out great because we raced to the buses and had NO wait to get back to the hotel.

Day 3 (Thursday of our trip) is next...morning at Hollywood Studios with a Playhouse Disney breakfast and an evening at Fort Wilderness Campground.


Tuesday Blog Party Winners and Exciting Announcement

Wow, it's been a quick week. It's already time to announce the winners of my Tuesday Blog Party Winners:


By default, since she was the only entry...

Baby Einstein DVD's

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winner chosen by

Onto the exciting announcement...well, even though the Blog Party ended yesterday - one of Tuesday's Momma's friends has come through with two more HUGE giveaways and they will be open until May 16th. The first is for an overnight package at a luxurious bed and breakfast in Denver, Colorado. Winners will get to pick their date. There will be THREE winners for this giveaway. To enter the giveaway, you will need to donate $20 towards pediatric cancer research for one entry and $10 for each additional entry. Second, the SAME generous woman is giving away a one week stay at her Florida vacation home, just 2 miles from Disney World. Winner will get to pick their week. The only blackout will be when she is using it herself during the winter months. There will be TWO winners for this giveaway. To enter this one, you will need to donate $30 for one entry and $10 for each additional entry. For all the details on the packages, the donation button, and to leave a comment that you are interested in entering, head on over to Who Says Eight is Enough? via this link.


6 Months Old - Mr. Bad Boy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I know this is a cliche, but seriously - where the heck has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I was pregnant (probably because it sucked so bad at the end that is has left a lasting impression). But wow, it really does seem like the time is flying by. When Katie was a baby she was so fun, but I was so impatient for her to grow and to see what her personality would be like as she got older. This time - I just don't want the baby phase to end!!! From the first second I held Timothy I was overcome with the feeling of being completely content to hold that little baby...and to HOLD ON to these baby days!

Timmy is continuing to get taller, but is starting to thin out. To be quite honest...I don't REALLY see him thinning out, but according to "percentiles" he is. Seriously, how can the rolls in his thighs be AVERAGE?!?! (You'll see what I mean when you watch the video at the end of this post.) Tim had his 6 month wellness visit today (sorry, I'm backdating this post since I didn't feel up to doing it yesterday.) He is now 18 lbs (55th %) and 27 1/2 inches (90th %). I do actually think he was slightly more than 18 lbs; she read it while it was still teetering, but whatever, he's about 18 lbs. He is still going back and forth with his sleep routine. He slept COMPLETELY through the night for 4 nights in a row the week after we got back from Disney and has been back to getting up 1-3 times ever since. Damn teeth! He does go right back to sleep though as soon as I nurse him.

It's funny, just about a week ago I was thinking to myself that since 5 months, he really hasn't reached many more milestones. He's turned into Captain Destructo in knocking anything he can down from wherever it should be and grabbing for anything he can get his hands on. But besides that, he had only gotten one more bottom tooth and started eating solids. He loves cereals, squash and peas; he tolerates carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes; he really doesn't like apples and bananas very much unless it's watered down and mixed with cereal, then he loves it, and he DETESTED a first taste of kiwi. I am very proud of myself that I have actually MADE baby food this time around. Well, proud of myself and embarrased by myself as I was with Katie. I can't believe that I bought baby bananas and applesauce. He is also quite messier than Katie ever was (well when she ate baby food, anyway) - a combination of not opening quite enough and putting his hands in his mouth between every bite.

I digress; what I was beginning to say is that in the last week he has all of a sudden been doing loads more. He is now rolling in both directions and not even just rolling from back to belly, doing it so fast like he's been doing it for months. In the last few days I've been working with him on sitting. He's doing really well if he's reaching for something in front of him and at the doctor's office today actually sat for about 15 seconds before toppling over. He just started leaning towards the person he wants to hold him and when he eats he opens and says "ahhh" and while he's eating says "Mmmmmm!" Just today, Chris also noticed him up on his elbows and knees like he was getting ready to crawl (God help me when THAT happens). Why? because as cute and charming as this boy is for a reason...he is naughty...our little Mr. Bad Boy: from pulling hair (a LOT), to knocking everything over (actually destroying anything that is within his reach that can be destroyed), to "talking" to the bears in his crib when he should be napping (and seemed to be sound asleep just 10 minutes prior). Like when Chris went in to check on him today (10 min after going down and smartly with a camera):

Beevis and Butthead laugh: "Hee, hee, HEEE" (That actually is how he laughs, too, especially when he knows he's being bad)

"But Daddy, I'm charming. Come on, let me get up!"

"Just a little bit closer, so I can grab your camera!"
I was looking through my baby book a few weeks ago and was amazed at how much I (as a baby) look like Timmy. While he and Katie really do look similar when comparing their baby pics and some of Katie's baby pics look me, there is no question when looking at my baby pics that Timmy and I look alike. It's true...but I still think he looks awfully like his daddy when they're together, too.
See, I look like Mommy AND Daddy!

In addition to being naughty and charming, he is usually a happy boy (when he's not teething - which does seem to be a lot of the time lately) and downright silly. He LOVES when I clap my hands - especially playing "Pat-a-Cake" and singing "If You're Happy and You Know It." Tim has a cousin Will and he's also very silly, but his mom does NOT like the nickname Willy - SO Tim is officially the Silly Willy of the family :)

And don't you worry - I WILL finish up sharing about our Disney vacation...eventually...

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