A Busy Day of Firsts (belated)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We've had a quite a busy last few days, so I haven't had a chance to update, but Saturday was a day of lots of firsts for Katie.

As usual, Katie woke up about an hour before I was ready for her to wake up. I told her she could go downstairs and put a DVD on...this usually keeps her busy for some time. Chris was also up getting ready to go into work at the same time. WELL, and what a shame I was too mad at the time to take any pictures, she decided that watching tv/playing nicely was not on the agenda. The previous day we went shopping at Michael's and bought LOADS of foam sticker supplies for some craft projects. Katie LOVES creating these projects. I also bought some dot art paint sticks. Everything was on the top shelf in our very large activity cabinet. So, my little evil genius decided that her new chairs from IKEA would make a wonderful stepstool to get whatever she wanted to play with. When I came down there were foam stickers EVERYWHERE...dumped out inside her easel tray, all over the floor and table, and STUCK all over both sides of her easel (thank goodness for Goo Gone)! She even had paint all over her hands and brand new gymboree stretch pants (thank goodness it's washable and came out fine). UGH!!!!! Later that night I realized I should have taken pictures...but too late. She did, at least, do an excellent job helping to clean up. Here is an example of her artistic abilities...LOL...I meant to post yesterday for Magic Marker Mondays - but just didn't get to it. I've been getting a few of these gorgeous finished projects on a daily basis now. Am I the luckiest mom or what? You know you're jealous :)

Next we went to gymnastics at the Little Gym and stopped on the way home at the Amish farmer's market to get some fresh natural dinner and all natural pretzel dogs. YUM!!!

I had been thinking about getting Katie's haircut for a about a week and after nap we headed out for Katie's FIRST haircut...can you believe it? She's 3 year's old and has never had a haircut. It's amazing how much her hair has grown in just one year. It was short for SO long and when it did grow in, was so short on the sides that I wanted to wait until it was longer on the sides to trim. First we went to Hair4kids. Got there at 3:15 only to find out it closed at 3. Then we went a town over to Kidkuts - got there at 3:30..,sign said it was open till 4, but it was also CLOSED...grrr! I tried to talk Katie into waiting until the next morning, but she was so excited and emphatic she get it then... so we headed over to The Hair Cuttery. She was SUCH a good girl. She was thrilled to get a wash, cut AND blowdry/style and even more thrilled to get a lollipop when she was all done. Check out our pics. On the last page, you can click on the individual pics for a closeup and related comments. She wound up getting 2 inches cut off on the back and getting the sides trimmed and angled a bit to blend into the back better.

Click to play Katie's First Haircut

After Daddy got home from work, Katie played in the driveway with her basketball net and pulled out the big girl Dora bike with training wheels that Katie got for her birthday from Grammi and Pop-pop. For her 3rd birthday they got her a Dora scooter AND a bike, but since the bike has been too big - we've had it in the garage. (Below pics are from her birthday party.)

Well, she had no problems on the bike Saturday and rode down the sidewalk like an old expert.

They sure grow up fast!!!!


Terri September 23, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

Great hair cut! I was a bit nervous at first. I thought you were going to say she cut it all off!!

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