Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I probably should have held off on posting this gem until "Wordless" Wednesday.

According to Katie, this is me and Chris on our wedding day.

She took some creative license:

Apparently, "that" is part of my dress - NOT what you were thinking - despite the freudian spelling of "best" on our wedding cake.

My eyes are not really blue.

I am not really over 6 feet tall, like Chris.

Chris has fingers.

Our priest had hands.

Chris is not Jewish.

While close, it was not the bust day of my life. Because I didn't have my kids yet. And while they are frequently responsible for the most frustrating days of my life - getting handed pictures like this at daycare pickup allows me to smile and laugh like I never did before.


Nunchucks or not

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Through the years, I've featured Katie in her various fabulous dance and gymnastics routines, dress up ensembles, real life dress up ensembles, humorous outlooks and other creative pursuits. And instead of losing the toddler/pre-schooler magic, her personality and perhaps a bit of her autism spectrum quirks have propelled her to continue to shine and entertain with her creativity. I actually have a few of those goodies lined up to share soon.

But, as Timmy advances from toddlerhood to pre-schooler...he's creating his own magic at The Other Boufs. And boy does this kid have moves! One night this week I came home late from work to find Timmy shirtless. And when I asked him about it, I was informed that he had to take it off...to do karate.

The funny thing is -  I'm having a bit a of deja vu as Tim transitions from baby to big boy (well a big boy who  enjoys wearing diapers a little too much.) My little brother is 4 1/2 years younger than me. And as every pre-school boy should be, he was obsessed with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, and Steven Seagal. Like...at Timmy's age. Without ever having had a karate lesson, his impersonations of his heroes had some strangers on a Disneyworld vacation convinced that he was a 5yo blackbelt.

We competed against one another in improptu competitions in the living room - until he got too big and could beat me. I was convinced that his obsession was due to bad parenting - my dad's encouragement of his movie choices, the chinese stars and nunchucks that he received as tokens of my dad's affection.

But apparently, none of that really made a difference. It was just hardwired. And now, I am the parent of my own little karate impersonator. Nunchucks or not!


Dr Seuss' The Lorax - Ticket Giveaway

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Congrats CZ, Svetlana, Jess, Sarah Nicole, and Jenlewgal!!! 

We don't go to the movies that much. It's pretty expensive for a family of 4, but moreso, we're just busy. So we generally wind up watching movies together at home. By the time we get to them they're available to rent anyway. Plus, we're so in tune with our DVR that we rarely see commercials for new movies. But once in awhile a movie comes a long with such a buzz that you have to check it out. Or, you happen to catch part of a commercial that is so colorful and eyecatching while you're fast forwarding that you have to rewind to see the whole thing. Or there's a superbowl ad that has you and your kids excited.
For all of these reasons and more, my family is eagerly awaiting the opening of  The Lorax, which comes to theaters on Friday, March 2. My kids love all things Dr. Seuss - the books, the cartoons, the movies,  the dress-up costumes, the musical - I know this is going to be a new favorite in our house.

If you're as excited as we are, or just enjoy saving money, enter below to win 1 of FIVE family prize packs. The prize packs include: 4 free passes to the advance screening of Universal Pictures’ DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX  on Saturday, February 25 at the AMC Cherry Hill. Showtime is 10am, but you should be prepared to get there early to guarantee your seats.

To enter, leave a comment below. Let me know your favorite Dr. Seuss book or character. Or tell me who you're excited to see this movie with.

Extra entries: Follow me on Twitter @JulieBouf, become a google friend connect follower of this blog, or tweet this giveaway (including link to post and @JulieBouf). Leave a comment for each extra entry.

Winners will be chosen randomly and notified on February 12th. Make sure to leave your e-mail address or twitter ID in your comment. Need more than 4 tickets for your family? Have your significant other or kids enter too!

From the creators of Despicable Me and the imagination of Dr. Seuss comes the 3D-CG feature Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, an adaptation of the classic tale of a forest creature who shares the enduring power of hope. The animated adventure follows the journey of a 12-year-old as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world.

Danny DeVito will lend his vocal talents to the iconic title character of the Lorax, while Ed Helms will voice the enigmatic Once-ler. Also bringing their talents to the film are global superstars Zac Efron as Ted, the idealistic youth who searches for the Lorax, and Taylor Swift as Audrey, the girl of Ted's dreams. Rob Riggle will play financial king O'Hare, and beloved actress Betty White will portray Ted's wise Grammy Norma.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is the third feature created by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment (Despicable Me, Hop). http://www.theloraxmovie.com



The Katie File

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's been awhile. I know. And I was figuring that since I've jumped back into attending a bunch of blogger events, I should probably start to blog again. With that in mind - file this one under "Posts to pullout during the teenage years."

Sunday night we were driving home after a long day out - just me and the kids. Katie pondered, "Mom, do you think Daddy's going to be upset that we left him alone by himself for all of that time?"

Heh. Right!

I explained that daddy was probably very happy to be home by himself. Amongst a flurry of questions I explained that daddy probably got a chance to take a nap or play video games or do something else that he wanted to do. In fact, he'd probably want to thank me for all of that alone time.

She wondered, since he'd be so appreciative, would he give me a kiss?

Playing along, pretending that he would actually be so gracious as to recognize how wonderful I am and thank me AND that we thank each other with kisses, I replied, "Oh, I hope so!"

There was some pondering silence and then:
Do you think he'll stick his tongue inside your mouth?


"Katie, what are you talking about? Daddy doesn't do that..."

She assured me that oh yea, she had seen that for herself before. She saw him do it. He really did.

I thought back and decided that perhaps recently we had given each other a peck and when the kids moaned and acted like we were gross - he may have gotten a little carried away in giving them something to really be grossed out about.

"Katie, you know, sometimes husbands and wives do that because they really love each other."

"No way, they do NOT!!!" (hey wasn't she the one who witnessed it?; I still don't believe it actually happened.)

"Yea, Katie. Actually, when you get bigger - like old enough to have a husand - you might actually like it."

And then she promised me:
"No, I will NOT. That's gross! If my husband EVER tries to stick his tongue in my mouth.....I'll kick him in the face!!"

And just a little motherly advice, if a boy ever really does just stick his tongue in your mouth - you probably shouldn't kick him in the face. But it does mean he's not a very good kisser.

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