Baby Picture Sunday - Wrapped in Holiday Cheer

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Baby Picture Sunday, sponsored by Debi at Who Says 8 is Enough?

This week's theme, "Wrapped in Holiday Cheer" is a fun one so make sure you check out who else is playing along and showing their favorite Christmas dressed babies.

The second I saw what this week's theme would be (Debi posts the next week's theme a week in advance to give us plenty of time to think about it) I laughed because I knew just the pictures of Katie to post!!!

For Katie's 1st Christmas she got to be an elf for our Christmas card. Well, she wasn't actually intended to be an elf, but that's just what she looked like in the little dress, cap, and booties that her Grandma Bouf crocheted for her.

AND - to make me even more excited about the this week's theme - last Saturday my mom brought Timmy a new Christmas eve outfit just perfect for posting here. So, sorry for the late posting tonight. I DO like to try to get my pics up earlier in the day on Sundays, but we just got our photo shoot of Timmy done tonight at Grammi's house. I think the pics are worth the wait:)

Thank goodness for Grandma's and Grammi's for making sure our babies are able to be all "dressed up" for Christmas!!!


Beaten down!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We spent the day today at the mall getting pictures of the kids and with Santa. I thought I was going to get to print out one picture to take with me today and get my Christmas cards going - but apparently JC Penny's is still in the ice age of waiting for 2 weeks for ALL your pics. I hadn't been there in awhile and Sears lets you take prints home with you for an additional fee and even purchase a CD to take home with you on the spot. Sears' CD costs about $119, but if you order prints over a certain amount - it's only about $9.99 (at least the last time I got pics there). Unfortunately for me - I called JC Penny to get their pricing earlier in the week, but could only get voicemail - so I decided what the heck and just kept my session there - well it turns out to be $99.99 no matter HOW MANY prints you buy. So, no CD this time - I got the smiles by wire - which aren't great quality - so I'm hoping I'll get to share them here when I eventually get them. But the payoff is that JC Penny sheets are MUCH cheaper than Sears...oh well - you can't win them all.

I went very prepared with pictures printed out from their website to show exact poses and backgrounds that I wanted - except for the fact that they no longer had several of the backgrounds I anticipated. I also had a few outfit changes and went with an order in mind of what we would do first and the order we would do them in. To start, I planned pics of Katie and Timmy together in their Big Sister/Little Brother shirts - so they arrived wearing those outfits - except for the fact that RIGHT before our session began Katie ran over to the water fountain before I could stop her and soaked her shirt. We wound up starting with the pics of diapered Timmy by himself while Chris changed Katie into her Christmas dress and we never did get a chance to get back to the original outfits.

We got tons of great shots, but unfortunately on a bunch of really good ones - they all had something wrong with them. Almost all the black backround shots of Timmy had a great big piece of white fuzz on the drape right next to his head - so every shot with that backround was out. We also had a really cute one of Chris and I holding Timmy (just our hands and arms showing) and there is long black string from the diaper cover draping over my arm. But here's the kicker - there was a semi-cute pic that I wanted to just get a sheet of 3x5's - but it was completely off-center. So I asked if they could crop it in and center it and they could and it looked great - BUT that was then considered an "enhanced" pic and would cost me $14.99 for the sheet instead of the traditional $3.99. HELLO?!?!? Isn't there obligation to take CENTERED pics...if I have to enhance it just to make it look like it should have to begin with shouldn't I not have to pay extra? Well that's my thinking anyway...but I was defeated at that point, so I just let it go. I'm also really mad at myself because I ordered a collage sheet to which I changed out one of the pics they had for another one - then after looking at the session sheet on the way home - I realized the one they had to begin with did look much better. And, as my big splurge at $24.99 for the artsy collage, I'm not about to just reorder it the original way.

It's a shame that the sessions are always so rushed and that many of the pics were ruined by little things like that because our photographer actually did a really good job compared to past experiences. She did a great job posing the kids and knew exactly how to move quickly from shot to shot. At the end of the day, I guess it's a good thing that I had to dump some of the shots from the beginning because of the problems I mentioned, cause I still got way too many and spent way too much money (as usual) - adding them to the decision mix would have just made it that much harder.

On to our Santa visit...They are doing a new thing with Santa pics this can actually get the pics as an electronic file...which I did - but at the risk of ruining the suprise of my Christmas cards (if I'm not able to make them with my JC Penney pics) - I'm going to wait a week or so to share it here.

My poor fixated daughter...she was SO excited to see Santa and tell him what she wanted for Christmas this year. But, when she got to her turn she saw that he had a basket of junky little plastic cups to give to the kids after they were done. She did tell him some stuff very quietly so we're not sure if she did tell him about some toys she wants - but all that she could be heard saying (over and over again) is that she wanted a cup. She really does have a problem with always focusing on the "next" thing about to happen so that she can never enjoy the present. (For example, whenever we're at an amusement park she spends almost the entire time of her ride looking around to see what ride she's going to do next.) So, I think it went something like this. What do you want for Christmas little girl? I want a cup, I want a cup...She did get a great hug in with him though and was super excited about her cup!!


TWO for TWOS-Day

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Of course I'm partial, but I think this picture is adorable. I have lots of pics of Katie holding Timmy with silly smiles (and usually a dirty face...apparently the mom is the only one who SEES a dirty face and when she is in the hospital her child gets to keep a dirty face and since the mom is hopped up on pain killers even SHE doesn't notice the dirty face until she's at home looking at her pictures and realizes that her dear daughter has food on her face in just about EVERY picture). But anyway, I digress.....this picture just seems innocent to's a snapshot of Katie's adoration of her brother without the the outsider she may look a little disinterested in this pic...but to me I just see calm, sweet, beautiful children.

Stop on over at Eight is Great to see Deanna's beautiful twins and find out who else is posting pics of their favorite two-some today.


Creepy babies and the budding photographer...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yes, I already have over 600 pics since Timothy was born...but first things first...I need to get something done that I started thinking about a few weeks ago:

Way back in October Candid Carrie had me laughing out loud with this post. So a few weeks later when I opened my bedroom linen closet to the view below...I knew I need to jump in and write about the creepiness at my house.

Katie LOVES her babies...that extends to dolls, stuffed animals, teddy bears, doll house dolls - she doesn't discriminate. Over the last few months, her love of her babies and probably also thanks a bit to her OCD tendencies - she began moving her babies from room to room lining them up - setting them up throughout the house. At times, it has seemed like it was premeditated so that at bedtime she would be able to stall and had to go collect every one of her babies from throughout the house before she would be able to go to sleep.

When I finally got my new walk-in closet cleaned out, she took it upon herself to move in some empty rubbermaid containers and create a mass cradle for her babies. (Nevermind that she does have actual babydoll cradles/cribs...the rubbermaid container just seems more appropriate to her.)

Yes, looks a bit like a mass something else to me...but she insists they're we all have to whisper and tiptoe after she dumps them in the bucket. (Ironic how this special care to be quiet doesn't extend to the real life baby in our house.) And for some reason, my bedroom closet has become her favorite place for her babies to nap.

So you may ask - why in the world have I chosen to write about this now when I could be telling you all about my birth story and my new son? Well, Thursday, my mother-in-law came into my bedroom carrying my camera before getting ready to leave the house. She told me that before I was looking all over the house for it she wanted to make sure she gave it to me...she had found it in her bed along with about a dozen of Katie's babies. WELL, Katie has been REALLY into taking pictures herself lately...she is finally getting the hang of the fact that what she sees in the LCD display will be what the picture will look like and she's getting better and better...she even likes to comment to herself after she snaps away like "Oh, that's a GOOD one!!"...hmmm, hanging around mommy too much? So, after getting the camera back I expected some funny pics and even though I knew what to expect...I still almost peed myself looking at these pictures...I hope you enjoy them too:


Two for Twos-Day - Big Sister, Little Brother

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yesterday Katie became a BIG sister! Her brother Timmy was born and she is just so excited to give him lots of hugs and kisses. I am sure she is going to be a great sister to her baby brother.

(posted by Aunt Debi)

Don't forget to stop by Eight is Great to see who else is playing along :)


I'm Pleased To Introduce You To Timothy Daniel

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure to get to go see my new nephew, Timothy on the day he was born. If you know anything about me, it's that I LOVE babies - the smell, the feel, the cuddliness (is that a word?)... so, I'd like to say that I have been anticipating the arrival of my new baby nephew almost as much as his mommy & daddy and big sister Katie.
So, it was with lots of excitement that I headed to the hospital, daughters & camera in tow, with the intention of holding that sweet new baby, taking tons of pictures and, well, getting my baby quota for the week.
I promised Julie that I would put together some of my favorite photos from Timothy's first day and post them here for you to oogle over and tell you a bit about Mr. Timmy himself aka Snorty McDuff. (let me explain... poor Timmy had to be suctioned and it scratched his throat and so now he's making little "piggy sounds" when he breaths, therefore - Snorty McDuff!)
And now, without further adieu.....

Katie giving mommy & Timmy a hug goodbye in the morning before school (and the "big day").
Check it out! This year they found scrubs to fit Chris!!!!

Poor Julie wasn't feeling very well after delivering Timmy, however Timmy was quite wide-eyed & bushy-tailed for HOURS after being born.

Katie is in LOVE with her little brother & just loves giving him kiss, after kiss, after kiss, after kiss, after kiss.... well, you get the idea :)
ps Aren't they adorable together!?!

Katie got lots & lots of books about becoming a big sister and daddy even read them to her while she held her baby brother for the first time.
Katie also got LOTS of presents. So many that it was like it was her birthday too!
Which reminds me, Katie was singing Happy Birthday to Timmy and then was asking where the cake was... LOL

Of course Timmy was visited by both of his grandmothers and some of his aunts too (me included) So many family members already love this baby so much!

Congratulations Bouf family!!!!
Love, Aunt Debi
ps If you woul like to see some more pictures that I took of my girls and Timmy, please check out my blog.


Welcome Timothy!

Timothy Daniel has arrived!

born 11/10/08
time 12:43 pm
weight: 8lbs 9oz.
length: 21 3/4 inches

Both mom & baby doing very well.

Stay tuned for lots of pictures and a detailed post :)



In about 12 hours...pending no delays...I will have my baby boy in my arms. I'm currently scheduled for an 11:15am c-section and have to be at the hospital by 9:15am. Needless to say, I'll be getting very little sleep tonight. I'm ready to go - all but emotionally. I feel like I'm still in denial that this is happening tomorrow. I felt the same way with Katie, but I WAS tremendously excited. This go, I am just feeling lots of apprehension. Not sure if it's worry about how our family life is going to change or just dreading the spinal and recovery. Although I know in my head that I thought throughout the entire recovery with Katie that it was never as bad as I had expected...I still can't shake the obsession over those things I remember as being the worst last time.

So here's a prayer for a nurse who can give me a painless IV (not a problem at all last time - but STILL not recovered from the nurse who hit a nerve or tendon TWO weeks ago just trying to take some blood), an anesthesiologiest who can get the spinal in the FIRST time trying, effective pain killers (including a spinal that completely kicks in BEFORE the catheter is inserted), no incision tape blisters, another baby who latches like a natural, and quick and easy recovery, and most importantly a healthy baby boy!!!

Oh speaking of healthy babies....did anyone read the recent article about caffeine intake during pregnancy and how even 1-2 cups a day can cause harm by decreasing birth weight? I immediately started drinking 1-2 cups a that bad? That was the only effect the article mentioned - so I'm thinking it should be prescribed for all gestational diabetes mommies who are warned that if THEY don't behave their going to have babies with too a high a birth weight. Any last minute guesses for height/weight? I'm going to say 21 1/2-22 inches and close to 9 lbs (either right below or right over).

Make sure you check back in for my SIL Debi's guest post later tonight or tomorrow. She'll be visiting later this afternoon/evening and has graciously offered to spread the news and some pics for me. You can also check out all about her family at Who Says 8 is Enough?


Baby Picture Sunday - Baby's Little Piggies

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I happen to know that Debi at Who Says 8 is Enough? is NOT a fan of feet...but who can resist precious little baby piggies? Not her and not this week she has challenged us to pull out pics of our babies little piggies. Check out her site to see who else is playing along this week.

Here are Katie's at 3 weeks old...

Amusingly, Katie also REALLY likes her piggies because when she says her thankyou's to God...her piggies almost always make the list...all her family, all her pets, all her babies, her new bed, her new school and her piggies.


Friday Foto Fiesta - Fairy Dust

Friday, November 7, 2008


To celebrate, I've actually uploaded the pics from my camera from the past few weeks...namely Halloween :)

This week, I chose to show off my pretty little Tinkerbell. Katie got to start off the day with a parade and party at school. She had a GREAT time trick-or-treating this year and is loving her candy.

A few weeks ago at Grammi's grandkid "foto shoot":

Pop-pop holding Ava and Grammi (in back); Ethan, Adam, Paige, and Katie (in front)

Posing during the school parade

Getting ready to get some CANDY!

MMM..boy is this candy GOOD!

If you enjoyed seeing lots of phun phriday fotos, make sure you check out Candid Carrie today to see who else is playing along with their phantastic fotos!


Baby Picture Sunday - Hey Big Eyes!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Sunday...time to show of our favorite baby pictures from Debi's chosen weekly theme. This week we're showing off our babies' beautiful big eyes.
Make sure you check out other cutie pies by checking in at Who Says 8 is Enough? to find out who else is sharing their baby pics this Sunday.

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