Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a quick pregnancy update....

I started having contractions Sunday morning - like 2-5 min apart, but after an hour of laying in bed with them they cleared up completely.

Then yesterday, around 1:30 as I went to lay down I was SO crampy and uncomfortable, but managed to fall asleep. From around 4:15-5:15, I had contractions every 2 min, then every 5 min until 5:30, then one last one at 6. I called Chris at 4:30 and told him he needed to get home, just in case. I called the doctor around 4:45, but she didn't get back to me until just before 6 and by that time I was feeling better. They hurt, but weren't awful..I knew I wasn't like ready to give birth or anything. They were also really really quick..like only 10-30 seconds each. So, she told me to come in and be monitored if they were back to 10-15 min apart and they never were. I also already had my bi-weekly appt set up for 9:30 this morning, so I decided just to wait. It's funny, I'm almost like a 1st time mom in this regard because I never felt any contractions with Katie....even at times that I WAS having contractions (because I was being monitored) I only felt crampiness ...but nothing to time, etc.

This morning I felt a small gush of liquid...but really thought it was pretty small. Went to pee before I left for dr and was suprised to see I was wet enough that I needed to change my underwear. I still felt a little "leaky" after that, but not enough to wet clothing. So not sure if it was pee or what...but I told my dr everything this morning. He checked my cervix and it was fine. He also did 3 different tests that check for fluid leak. 2 were negative and 1 was positive. So, I was sent over the the maternal testing unit at the hospital to get a fluid check U/S - which showed plenty of fluid. I made my Dr. laugh this morning because he asked if I was still considering v-bac or decided on the repeat c-section yet...I was like umm..well since the "mild" contractions I had last night (and knowing that was really nothing on the scale of contraction pain), I think I'm just going to go with the c-section for sure :)

I was really happy to have one more U/S to confirm it's definately a boy! Now I feel comfortable washing clothes and bedding. He wouldn't turn for us to see his face, but he does have lots of hair and is already measuring 5lb 7oz..GEEZ..I'm only 32 1/2 weeks!!! My only consolation is that I was also told Katie was HUGE..guessing she was going to be 10-11 lbs and she was only 8lbs. I think it's cause the way they come up with the measurements they factor limb length, etc..and Katie was so tall...but didn't weigh so much...that it affected the U/S formula. Hopefully it's the same for Timmy.

So what I don't know now is if it is a small/slow leak, what is normal followup? My dr today had me schedule my normal 2 week appt after today's appt with the expectation that the U/S would be ok. However, I never gushed a lot and wouldn't imagine I WOULD be missing that much already. I guess I'll just wait and see if I continue to feel "leaky". But, no contractions at all today, so that's good news!!

On another note....Debi asked for ideas of things I could use as baby/welcome home gifts. I have an official registry at Babiesrus, but it's really only intended for my use so that I can get 10% off of anything I still need later on. In case any family members/friends besides Debi do actually read and were curious, here are some ideas of things I definately still need and will hold off on buying until after he's born:

1) Boy drool bibs
ALL the ones I have are pink :)

2) 0-3 month short-sleeved onsies (white or boy colors)
Since Katie was a summer baby, I got by on 1 pack with her - so I currently have 1 pack shortsleeve and have already bought 1 pack of long-sleeve, I think I'm good on all other sizes

3) Avent BPA free bottles, extra Avent newborn nipples, newborn NUK pacifiers
I traded in all my old ones at Babies R US. Even though there is no official recall on the BPA bottles, they are giving you store credit for old used bottles with which you can buy the new Avent BPA free bottles - the problem is that the new ones are twice the price...so I now have 8 bottles. But, I don't need lots more...I had about 13 total with Katie

4) Infant gowns
The longer the better, the Gerber ones were always too short for Katie...I had had some borrowed pink Carters one for her that were great..but will NOT put my son in all pink..even if it is to sleep. I've bought one 2-pack from Carters so far)

5) Diapers - Pampers Swaddlers - Newborn or Size 1

6) Baby frames/plaques/"firsts" set/albums/stuffed animals, etc.
I got lots of stuff like this for Katie at my shower - his bedroom is mainly tan, cream, and olive green with teddy bears and puppies)

7) Clothes
I have bought some things...basically anything cute at Carters I already bought - so don't get Carters stuff except for bibs, onesies, or gowns :)...I haven't bought from any other stores though.


debi9kids September 24, 2008 at 1:42 AM  

HOLY! Did they actually say the fluid you were leaking was amnionic fluid? If so, why are you home? Did they put you on antibiotics just in case? Are they worrying about infection? Any brethene? I know I had a gush of fluid around 28 weeks with E&W and was hospitalized for 2 days and on mag (UGH!!!!)
Holy cow! Don't do too much if you are starting contrax this early! Stay off your feet. You need to be preggo atleast 4 more weeks so that timmy comes home with you from the hospital. If you need anything, let me know.

Unknown September 24, 2008 at 9:26 AM  

They don't really know if it was amniotic fluid since 2 tests were neg and one was positive when checking if it was amniotic fluid, so it could have been a false positive - or just a tiny bit of fluid. I guess they feel that since my levels are fine per the U/S that there's nothing to worry about right now. As for the contractions, since my cervix is completely closed and high - they're not worried about them either. He also told me that what I felt is common when the baby is changing position (ie. some contractions to help them move) and he did move dramatically the entire time I was having the contractions - so that's probably it.

Anonymous,  September 24, 2008 at 9:53 AM  

Wow Julie! Good that you had an appointment already scheduled. I'm at the exact same point as you and I think if I felt contractions right now I would freak--we aren't even close to being ready! Luckily, unless they're very obvious, I'm not sure I'd know what a contraction was versus just general cramping anyway, so I'll probably make it to my appointment next week without a major freak-out. 5lb 7oz already--wow! I'm sending anti-contraction thoughts! :)

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