Oh alright, already! (AKA Katie's first day of school)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally, by popular demand (well...Debi's anyway): My very first blog entry! I actually created this blog months ago but couldn't really get myself started in the wake of everything else on my plate..of course none of those things would ever get done, but I couldn't really justify adding one more thing to my to do list. However, ever since I actually created the blog, everytime something big would happen I would think to myself..oooh, that would be a great first blog entry. At first, I really wanted to post about the death of my beloved feline friend Bailey (and I still will). Then last week, I wanted to vent about being layed off by the company I loyally worked at for EIGHT years...oh I'm sure, I'll still get to that...but what get's the all important first blog? Katie's first day of school.

Katie has been in daycare at St. John of God's Here We Grow daycare in Westville, NJ since she was 4 1/2 months old and I'm so sad to leave the good friends we've made there - from the other kids Katie has grown up with to the wonderful teachers who have felt like part of our family. Katie received speech therapy through early intervention from December 2007 until the end of June (right before her 3rd birthday). Since then we've been waiting to find out if she would be eligible for our township special needs preschool. While I was desperate for her to continue to receive speech therapy..I was also very confused about how the situation would be handled. The program is 5 days a week from 8:55am to 11:25am. The township will bus to a daycare or babysitter, but only within the township and Here We Grow is not in our township. I was stressed about putting her through so many changes at one time (new preschool, new afternoon daycare, AND new baby on the way in November) but as much as losing my job stinks and as sad as I am about leaving Here We Grow - at least we have a short term solution of me being home with Katie after preschool..so Katie did make it into the township program and is going to be receiving much needed speech therapy and possibly needed occupational therapy on fine motor skills twice a week each.

My little girl was so excited this morning to go to her new big kid's school. She actually is going to the school that will be her elementary school down the road.

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Sadly, she didn't get to ride the school bus today because we just had her eligibility meeting this past Tuesday and it's going to take until next Wednesday to get her set up with transportation..but secretly I'm glad I got to drive her in for her first day and meet her teacher. The local newspaper approached us right away as we walked up and asked to interview us for a story (I'm guessing since Katie is just so darn cute and was clearly so excited.) She loved seeing all the school buses AT the school and wanted to get on them so badly..but she'll have her big day next week. We got to see little Sarah from our Little Gym class and the girls were so excited they almost knocked each other down hugging. So, we met her new teacher at the main entrance. Actually, she has a long-term sub until February because her actual teacher is on maternity leave and from the looks of it she had no problem fitting right in with her new teacher.

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