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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Katie has been cracking us up lately with the things she is saying. She has recently added lots of vocabulary and phrases. We can't understand it ALL the time...but she's getting better and better with her speech. The funniest thing is that she adds these new phrases to her sentences...but they don't always make sense. For example, for the past few days she is loving to use the word "either" at the end of her sentences.'s not always the most appropriate word for what she's trying to say, either. See what I mean. Sometimes it seems like she's using it instead of "too" - but she knows that word and loves to use that one, too - lol.

Her other current "frequent phrases" are:

Come on - said in kind of a growl of frustration. Whether she's waiting for a DVD to start, or most any situation that something isn't working right away for her. I have noticed though..that she may have gotten this from me (although I don't growl it when I say it)

Oops, sorry - I've been hearing this one 5 million times a day. Even when I'm really frustrated at something she's done, the way she says it definately makes me want to laugh. But she says it over everything...she did something wrong, the pets did something wrong, I just tell her there's something she needs to do...AND where did she get this phrase...I just heard it on Dora the Explorer this morning EXACTLY the way she says it. EDIT: I stand corrected, Chris just told me it's from the monkey on Go Diego, Go...oops, sorry!)


Yesterday, she started telling me, "Mommy, I love you ALL day long!"

She's so weird in her sense of humor...she likes saying she's a girl, but thinks it's hilarious to tell me that I'm a boy and laugh. But if I turn the tables on her and joke back that SHE'S a boy..she gets pretty upset and defensive....NO, I'm a GIRL!!

She also started trying to put my baby in her tummy last week. I do this thing to her when she's hanging her tongue out her mouth and I pretend to grab her tongue and stick my thumb between my next 2 fingers and then pretend to put her tongue (my thumb) in my mouth..and I'll give it back to her if she keeps her tongue inside her mouth. She thinks it's hilarious. Well, last week, she pulled up my shirt - started making grabbing motions on my belly and then patted her belly and told me..Mommy, I took your Timmy. I have Timmy in MY belly now.

And finally, the stardom of getting on the bus the first day has gone a bit to her head and now she wants me to take the camera outside when we wait for the bus and take pictures of her everyday..which I'm happy to oblige. The second day on the bus, she even turned around on the bus steps waiting for me to take her picture there again. I nipped that one in the bud, but I have been taking cute pictures of her outside almost every morning.

Last Wednesday:
Mommy, mommy, take my picture!

Getting on the school bus for the very first time!





debi9kids September 16, 2008 at 10:33 AM  

" All day long" hahaha
She is such a goofy kid!!!!!

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