Makes My Monday!

Monday, December 22, 2008

What Makes my Monday is thinking about some fun parts of our weekend. Saturday night I had some special alone time with Katie. We haven't been to church in quite awhile and before we went back for Christmas I wanted to go just the two of us. I wanted her to be reintroduced in a one-on-one setting instead of the circus that will be the entire family including Timmy and my in-laws. She tends to act up way more easily when going places with extra family members. It was very special to me because I love going to church and am excited at the idea of her going with me on a regular basis. She did fairly well other than some quiet gymnastics on the pew in front of us during communion prayer, silent tears when she didn't get to receive communion herself, oh and the time I was praying for strength and direction in parenting and turned to see her sitting on the seat with both feet/legs straight up in the air. But for a 3 1/2 year old, I was overall pleased with her behavior. As a reward, afterwards we went to a local lawn and garden center and got to visit with Santa, his elf and his reindeer. She loved getting to see Santa again..a very friendly Santa, who spoke with her for quite awhile. She even remembered to ask for a Dora watch, a car, and a baby doll.

My other favorite part of the weekend was how imaginatively Katie was playing yesterday. It makes my day for her to play with her toys and dolls happily instead of watching tv or playing on the computer. First, I caught her doing some holiday dancing with her dolls. I particularly love that she had them set up in chairs like a little audience and then that she took turns dancing with them just like her daddy was dancing with her and I was dancing with Timmy in the kitchen the other night (pretend you don't notice the butt picking).

And then after I was out doing some Christmas shopping I came home to this sight. She had set up a holiday tea party. Of course she needed Timmy's carseat and bouncy chair for extra seating as well. (I swear Katie and the cat use the car seat, stroller, and bouncy seat more than Timmy does.) Every baby/animal had their own cup and bowl full of play food - all brought up from the basement.

So, alone time with my girl, getting to church this weekend, and witnessing Katie's imaginitive play just Make My Monday. If you want to see what making other people's Monday's, head over to Twinfatuation.


Baby Picture Sunday - Christmas Morning

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am SO excited for Christmas morning this year!! Who Says 8 is Enough? chose Christmas mornings as the theme for this week's Baby Picture Sunday and I'm more than happy to jump in with my pics.

My serious little 6 month-old. It took us a few days to open her gifts since each one was a wonder to her.

Katie was definatley excited about her toys - but still a serious little girl for the most part. We opened presents throughout the day so that she could enjoy her new toys.
Katie was really thrilled about Christmas morning last year. She was more than eager to open up all her presents that morning...but she did still want to open the package of every toy and play with it a bit before moving on to the next one. I wonder what this year will she of the age to rip through opening everything up right away or will she want to open up everything to play a bit before moving on to the next one? I know she was excited last year...but she is so much more aware of Christmas and Santa and baby Jesus this year that it just makes being a mom so much fun!


Friday Foto Finish Fiesta - Tree Decorating, Hanna outfits, a visit, and a partridge in a pear tree...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Friday night, we FINALLY got our tree decorated. Our tree is prelit with white lights (we add the colored ones) and this year the lights were out in the top section. We had the tree out since Thanksgiving weekend, but Chris was fiddling with it since then to try to get it to work. He finally wound up removing all the lights from the top section and restringing with white lights to match the rest of the tree. By the way, let me point out the awesome Hanna Andersson dress Katie is wearing. They're clothes are so awesome, since they just grow with the kid. It's a size 90 and STILL fits (who cares if the arms are a little short). It's the equivalent of like a size 3 and was bought 2 years ago. Katie has generally grown a size a season and I am currently buying her 110 (a size 5 equivalent). She has never been able to wear the same clothes 2 years in a row from any other clothing store - but she can with most of her Hanna's! Katie was SO excited to help put up ornaments - the first year she got to help! Her new absolute favorite show is Max & Ruby and there is a recent episode where they are putting ornaments on their tree so she was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to help decorate the tree that she jumped up off the couch immediately. She was so cute - I put ornaments for her to use on the arm of the couch and every single one she would ask so sweetly - "Mama, mama, I do this one?" and when reminded over and over again - "Yes, you can do all the ones I put here," I was told "Oh, THANKYOU, thankyou SO much mommy!!!" (Repeat this scenario for every ornament and make sure you pronounce the mama with a stress on the second syllable - whenever Katie is really pleased with me she turns French and I become maMa)

Ok, I am a bad mom though. I've read a bunch of other blogs about the kids decorating and the wonderful moms leaving up the ornament clusters because that's how the kids did it, yada, yada - it's so cute ;), and I did leave up lots of Katie clusters - but I draw the line at every ornament on the same branch. So, I snapped my picture to remember how cute and funny she was and then redistributed appropriately.

And finally, I just wanted to show off the finished tree AND Katie's newest and my current favorite Hanna Andersson outfit. She was all dressed up for this past Sunday when we had a visit from our Aunt Dannette and Aunt Kathy. We had so much fun visiting with them!!! (and Yes, Timmy is wearing clothes from H. A. as well - although the girl clothes are my favorite).

I hope you weren't really expecting a partridge in a pear tree - that was just for effect :)!!


Musical Memories - Join In!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

As I was driving this morning, Sophie B. Hawkins' "As I Lay Me Down to Sleep" came on the radio. Automatically, I could picture the "Party of Five" episode where Julia went to a Sophie B. Hawkins concert and Sophie was singing this song. I remember because after this episode I loved it so much I had to run out and buy the CD - still a favorite, but now very scratched up.

I think there a lot of songs out there that can be associated with a tv show...well at least for me. Particularly because I have always been a fan of the teenage drama shows (yes, and still am - I can't grow up - Gossip Girl is my current favorite!). A lot of these shows feature bands in one way or another to suck their target audience in (and I'm a prime example of it working). Party of Five had it's characters going to see concerts. One Tree Hill has a nightclub (although, I'm not into the current teenage music so I'm lost on any favorites there).

And that leads me to Beverly Hills, 90210, the ORIGINAL (although, I'm a watcher of the new one too - I know - embarrassing). Of course, there was the Peach Pit After Dark that featured many an artist - but my next most associated song is none other than REM's "Losing My Religion". The "Brenda and Dylan breakup song". I mean seriously, for my generation it's the "Where were you when JR was shot?" moment. I drive Chris nuts with certain songs because as soon as they come on the radio I'll chime in oh..the "this or that" song. He just groans and tells me, "Yes, you say that EVERY time it comes on."
So, do YOU have any major musical memory songs that you drive someone nuts with recounting your memory EVERY time the song comes on? Those were my "tv" memory songs. Now, onto real life...

Of course, Counting Crows "Omaha", "Round Here", or "Mrs. Jones" always bring me back to the summer of '92. My first kiss in Ocean City, NJ. (I actually DO have a picture of the "morning after", but my couch is currently blocking my picture albums to make room for the Christmas tree. That CD was one of my first, and I played it over and over that week while we were on vacation in Ocean City.
Next for me is "Lovefools" by the Cardigans - the ULTIMATE get ready to party song for me. It brings me back to the Spring of '97. I was a freshman at college, pledging D Phi E. (The pic above is my pledge class (Cheryl, Jessica, Ann Marie, me, and Jill) - ahh the version of me that Chris fell in love with (we started dating the fall of '96). Almost every time we would be going to an off campus party or mixer that song would be playing on the radio. Those of us not driving would already be drunk and we would blast it on the radio and all sing along. I hear that song and am just instantly in a good mood.
I LOL just thinking about the next one - I could have a giveaway to have my followers guess what song reminds me of the above picture - but I doubt anyone would get it....who would have guessed Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train"? See, this is the song we chose to have the wedding party walk into at our wedding. HOWEVER, the DJ misunderstood and started it as our grandparents and parents walked in. So, everyone heard "ALL ABOARD", and in rolls Chris's 80 something year old grandma. I never even would have known except some of Chris's friends laughingly told us what a funny sight it was, and I just laugh thinking about it.

There are many other musical memories for me, but probably the #1 for me is Firehouse's "When I Look into Your Eyes." Chris and I never had "a song," even after 7 years of dating. So, when it came time to choose a song for us to have our wedding dance to, we were stumped. At the time we were trying to decide, we had frequent weekend road trips up and down the NJ Parkway or NJ Turnpike to travel between North Jersey and our family in South Jersey. Our best musical compromise was the As Seen on TV, "Monster Ballads". (Go ahead laugh if you want, but it's an awesome CD). It has the bands Chris loves, and all the rock ballads that I love. So, one day when were driving I started listening closely to all the lyrics of the songs on the CD and "When I Look into Your Eyes" jumped out at me as the perfect song for us to dance to. I do have picture of our dance, but I look way gross, so I put in a wedding pic I like a little more.

I would love to read about your top 5 memory making songs!!!! Leave me a comment or better yet, blog about it. But, don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me your playing along. I'll add a link to your blog below if you want to join in!!!

Playing along:


Way Back & Wordful When-esday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I was looking for a picture of Katie eating a candy cane for my picture today in honor of my trackball mouse that will not move because she used it after eating a candy cane yesterday (ie. now all sticky and the ball won't turn...UGH). I couldn't find any, but as I delved deeper into my photo vaults, I came up with this.

Christmas Morning 2002

Keith and Ralphie (ahem...I mean Alex)

Way back when - we spent a few Christmas mornings with Chris's brother Russ and my SIL Debi. These were the years that we lived in North Jersey and Chris's sister Candi was home visiting from college. I have lots of great pics from 2002. I lost all my earlier pics in the great harddrive crash of 2003 (luckily I had a few folders of pics still on my laptop at the time), but I remember a few weeks ago bragging somewhere that I had a picture of Keith in a tutu (maybe in a comment on Debi's blog?). Well here it is - stolen from Stephanie. I like how Keith has situated himself around all the girl toys in this pic (Debi - make sure he sees this so he can FREAK out about it - lol). And then there's Alex. Lots of people have said over the years how much he looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story....but when I came upon this picture - I just laughed out loud at the resemblance (of course he's Ralphie without the glasses).

For more stories, head over to 7 Clown Circus for Wordful Wednesday and for more fun pictures, head over to Twinfatuation for Way Back Whens-day.


A real porker!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Timmy had his 1 month wellness visit today, at 5 weeks old. My goodness, he surpassed even MY expectations.I know Katie grew pretty dramatically in the beginning too, but I don't think she even grew this fast...I'm still loooking for her little record book though to doublecheck.

Birth - 8lbs. 9oz.
21 3/4 inches

4 days old - 8 lbs. 1oz. (50%)
22 1/4 inches (95%)
13 3/4 inch head circ.(25%)

DRUMROLL PLEASE....................................

5 weeks old - 11 lbs. 13oz. (90%)
23 1/2 inches (95%)
15 inch head circ. (45%)

No wonder those 3 month onesies are pulling down a bit at the neck already.

I swear, I'm not feeding him wheaties! But seriously, holy cow! Where did my little baby go? His pediatrician was just glowing, so impressed that he's gaining weight/growing so well on breast milk alone.


Baby Picture Sunday - Peace on Earth

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This may not be the traditionally cutest picture ever and may not be what Debi had in mind when she chose Peace on Earth for this week's Baby Picture Sunday theme over at Who Says 8 is Enough?, but it sure screams Peace on Earth to me!!!

This picture was from 2 weeks ago, the night of Chris's first day back to work - which extended past the kid's bedtime. For the first time since Timmy was born, I had to get Katie to bed on my own - with no one to watch Timmy (who was also awake at the time). Getting Katie to bed is unfortunately a pretty involved process at my house so I gave in right away and let her sleep in the guest bed. I was in the middle with both arms out - Katie laying on my right arm and Timmy cradled in my left arm. Eventually, they were both asleep AND so were both of my arms. I expected Chris home any minute so I waited for him to get there and pick up Timmy so I could get myself out of the bed...but he came home later than expected and I eventually wiggled my arms out from under each of them and SUCCESS - both kids still asleep - now THAT is peace on earth!!!!

Make sure you join in on the fun and show your version of baby pictures portraying Peace on Earth over at Who Says 8 is Enough? No baby pics to share? No problem - you can stop over anyway and check out other people's adorable babies!


Friday Foto Fiesta - Santa pics

Friday, December 12, 2008

Since my Christmas cards are out...well other than the few that still need stamps...and I DIDN'T use the Santa Claus picture I will premier them right here for Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Fiesta.
Posing Pretty

Smiling Silly

Getting a good hug in

If you missed the whole story about that PHUN day of picture taking, you can read about it here. And if you did already read it, make sure to stop by Candid Carrie's today to see some other PHUN FOTOS.


One Month Old...and a belated birth story

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I can't believe it's been a month since Timmy was born! On one hand, "one month" sounds like such a long time to me. He's getting so big so fast and I miss my tiny little newborn. On the other hand, I can't believe that he's only been home with us for 4 weeks now. It seems like I've known him forever - could it really only be 4 weeks since we brought him home?

Timothy Daniel came into the world on November 10, 2008 by planned repeat c-section. You can see more pictures here. I was extremely nervous due to some problems I had during my delivery with Katie in 2005. We got there at about 9:15am and met my mom in admissions. We had an "interesting" nurse who seemed to like to argue about everything - definately lacked the bedside manner. It was almost like she didn't think I deserved any compassion since I was having a c-section. I can't imagine having to go through actual labor with her...thank goodness...and my heart goes out to anyone who has.

They were running behind schedule and instead of an 11:30am surgery, I delivered at 12:43pm. Beforehand, I had decided to go ahead and get staples for closing my incision. My amazing OB, Dr. Geria, also went completely tape-free in my dressing and used 2 big elastic binders (on cue, my argumentative nurse tried to talk him out of that too..or rather assure me that I was wrong about the fact that he wouldn't use tape).

I was also petrified about getting my spinal again. With Katie, the anesthesiologist stuck me at least twice and felt like he hit nerve both times. However, this time around the doctor did a great job - was in and out - it honestly did just feel like a bee sting (which I NEVER believed was possible when I heard people describe it that way before). It hurt a bit when the medicine actually went in - but that was over very quickly.

My next hurdle that I knew was coming was getting sick on the table. With Katie, I was always nauseous in the morning if I hadn't eaten and having to get up to be at the hospital at 5:30am had me throwing up all morning with her until I delivered. I was feeling pretty good the morning of Timmy's delivery so I thought I was in the clear. Throwing up on the table with Katie was one of my worst memories. Since my abdomen was completely numb - it made it so difficult to get relief-but once I HAD gotten sick with her, I then felt fine. Well, soon after receiving the spinal, my blood pressure dropped a lot. I don't know to what, but hearing all those beeps and rushed voices was extremely scary. I wound up throwing up again and it sucked, but my spinal hadn't numbed me quite as high up this time, so it was a little easier. I was only numb to right below my rib cage. It was a great location because I also was able to feel myself breathing with no problem. I remember freaking out during Katie's delivery - that spinal took effect to above my breasts and it's very scary to not feel yourself breathing even though you are. The worst part is that all of this took place before Chris was allowed in the room. It's probably the part that I would have most appreciated having him there with me.

Chris eventually came in and my beautiful baby boy was born. Right after he was delivered - as they were cleaning him up - I think my blood pressure dropped again or the morphine was affecting me badly. I got extremely dizzy and sick to my stomach. So, as Chris was holding Timmy up to me, I was so out of it that I could barely look at him. Thank goodness I have this picture to really capture the memory for myself.
Chris then went with Timmy to the nursery while I got stiched up and sent to recovery. I had a bunch of right shoulder pain, apparently caused by gas captured while I was open. It's so weird to me that your shoulder hurts because you have extra air in your belly.
Finally, I got to meet my little guy appropriately. He latched right on like a champ. (Not showing a picture of THAT). He was awake almost the entire day - until the late afternoon.

At that point, we were open to visitors. My mom had been there all day, but soon Chris's mom brought Katie over to meet her little brother.
We also had visits from my sister-in-law Debi, nieces Stephanie and Gabi, and my sister Lori. Check out these posts for pics of some of our visitors. I didn't get one of my sister that night though. I think Chris brought my camera home before she got there, so we just got one the next day.

My recovery has been pretty good except for horrible headaches that I had for the first week. I was almost at the point of getting a blood patch because my OB thought it was a spinal headache since I was perfectly fine if laying flat on my back, but in agony to stand up or walk around. It did wind up being muscular/bone related though, as I thought, and after 1 week I finally got to the chiropractor and was much improved. Basically, around delivery time your joints get very loose to allow for delivery. My hormone level was guessed to be pretty high and I was SO flexible that things in my neck and back wound up where they shouldn't be. So this time around, that was the worst part of my recovery. Abdominally, I've done great from the start - perhaps because my head hurt so bad that it was the only pain I was feeling or maybe since it was my second c-section. Either way, I was able to walk up steps from the first day home with very little pain. Unfortunately, I've hit a little snag in the last two weeks and don't seem to have improved much. Basically, I've just been doing too much and have a lot pain on one side by the end of the day. It's also still hard for me to bend down by the end of the day. It's frustrating though, since I don't wake up with any pain - so it's hard to monitor what IS too much during the day until I see how I feel at the end of the day. I've pretty much felt this same way for 2 weeks now.

Now, for viewing pleasure (and a reward for reading this whole darn thing), here are some cute videos of Timmy playing with his bear (really, Katie's bear - but his for now). In the first one he's doing a little "talking" and in the second he's doing a little "dancing". But a warning: I think I have mommy blinders on and they're probably pretty boring if you're not closely related :)


TWO for TWOS-Day - Mirror Image

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I love me a round-faced baby in a white onsie and Timmy loves looking at himself in the mirror while getting changed.

If you have a two-some you would like to show off - whether it's siblings, spouses, pets, or even the same baby looking at himself in the mirror, it's time to join Eight is Great and their fun Twos-day celebration.


Baby Picture Sunday - Color Me Red

Sunday, December 7, 2008

If you're participating in Baby Picture Sunday sponsored by Who Says 8 is Enough? this week, well then, you're showing off your baby in their finest Christmas red.

I had a lot of pictures to choose from for this theme with all of the red Christmas dresses, Christmas eve outfits, Christmas jammies, and other Christmasy outfits Katie has had over the last few years, but I think this picture is really pretty and definately captures the season.

This is after mass on Christmas Eve of Katie's 2nd Christmas. She was just about 1 1/2 years old. We went to Church with my mom at her Church and it was decorated beautifully. And yes, that IS a beautiful Hanna Andersson Christmas dress she's wearing. (I happen to be their #1 customer, I think).


Friday Foto Fiesta - Newborn pics

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Friday Foto Fiesta sponsored by Candid Carrie. Carrie likes to celebrate Friday and increase our readership by bringing lots of wonderful bloggers together to post some great pics. I was going to post our Santa pic since I'm definately not using it for our Christmas card...but I didn't want Debi to think I copied HER Friday Foto Fiesta entry for today.

So instead, I've posted some of the pics from our photo shoot that I posted about last Saturday. I've been playing around with them trying to create the perfect baby announcement and Christmas card to mail out to family and friends. The first is one of the runners up that didn't make the cut and the second just shows a bunch of my favorite pics from the session.

I think it's easy to see why I'm so taken with the little guy. For more fun Friday pics, be sure to check out Candid Carrie today to see who else is playing along.


Say It Like It Is Contest - Home alone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Debi had quite a day today! Make sure you check out her story here and join in her contest if you can relate. I sure can!

Yesterday was Chris's first day back working out of the house and my first full day alone (and I mean FULL day - he wasn't home until 8pm).

I still need to post about my birth story - but for those who haven't read some of my pregnancy blogs about my pending delivery- I had a c-section. My recovery is going ok - but has been very different from my delivery with Katie. With Katie I was very sore in the beginning and it gradually faded. This time around - I had almost no abdominal pain in the beginning - I could do the steps with no problem when I got home on day 4. However, as days go on, I'm getting more and more sore - I think because I'm doing too much too soon. I say this all to preface my story and the fact that it is very difficult for me to bend down. Otherwise, I can function almost normally - but bending down is a little sore in the morning and as the day progresses gets worse and worse.

So to improve my day - my lovely daughter:

1) Wakes up at 4am - split in the middle of Timmy's 2:45am and 5:15am baby feedings, to make sure my sleep is mininalized, DEMANDING juice. I send her to her father - asleep in the guest room so he can get some sleep before his work day (Timmy's in our room right now) and so I can get some sleep between feedings (I am SUCH a light sleeper and do NOT do well with snorers). He gives her water from the bathroom sink and she completely flips out and comes back to me. I don't want her to wake the baby and want to get the HECK back to sleep so I go down and get her some Crystal Light. Of course, when bringing her back to her room I notice that her space heater was set wrong and had been on continuously instead of per the thermostat and it was 87 DEGREES in her room - no wonder she was thirsty.

2) After school, asks if she can bounce her ball in the family room. It's a big plastic bouncy ball. I say yes - there's a large open space in the room. After 2 or 3 bounces she decides to KICK the ball as hard as she can RIGHT into my newly and fully poured cup of ice water. The water is all over the wall, all over the end table, and all over the floor - and since the floor is laminate must be immediately cleaned up. So, there I was on my hands and knees mopping up the water and having to wait until all the tiny ice cubes melted since they were too little to pick up and just slid around the laminate floor.

3) Is favorable to my teeth gritting suggestion to take her ball into the back yard to play. A few minutes later, she comes in clutching something and calling my name in a very alarmed manner. She was carrying the completely soaked and muddy outfit of the doll she JUST received from her Grammi when Timmy was born - making me want to cry. She hasn't even been outside while with me since I've been home from the hospital so I have no idea how/when it got out there, but it definately was at least a few days since it had been soaked from the recent rain. Thank GOODNESS Katie found it before our dog Sophie and it is still in one piece. I'm praying the laundry gets it clean BUT I have no idea where the actual doll is and neither does Katie (so she says).

4) Shortly after coming in from the backyard, comes over and sweetly asks for some paper towels. When asked why, she tells me it's to clean up Sophie's poop. I go BESERK since the pain in the ass dog had actually crapped in the playroom the night before and I couldn't believe she did it again. But, she didn't...Katie stepped in it outside and tracked it through the house. I then have to deal with Katie's tantrum because she wanted to clean it up all by herself (I WISH I could have taken her up on it, but I know that would have ended way worse). So there I am, back on my hand and knees cleaning up the poop in my foyer...not sure how there was none all the way through my house. I then had to clean up the bottom steps on the stairs that also had some poop on it. While I had the carpet spray out, I decided to just go ahead and get back down on my hands and knees and clean up the spots in the playroom from the previous night's poop that Chris didn't get all the stains out from.

I then had to take both kids with me to the pediatrician at 1:30 to get Timmy's belly button checked out (it's ok). Back at home, I couldn't get Katie to nap at all. Off to a 6:30pm gymnastics class (which was already the makeup class so I couldn't cancel again without loosing the class), had to deal with yet another tantrum getting into the car because Katie doesn't like the way her coat hood feels behind her. Then AGAIN when leaving gymnastics because some mysterious part of her coat is bothering her.

Once she was in bed and Timmy was asleep I was in so much pain that I had to break down and take a percocet for the first time in almost 2 weeks. The only problem with that is that I was then wired and too happy to sleep and stayed up way to late....only to start today, once again, completely exhausted.


TWO for TWOS-Day - Sweater Sweeties

It's Tuesday and that means time to join Deana over at Eight is Great in showing off my favorite TWO-some!!

For the time being my favorite TWO-some is STILL Katie and Timmy. I promise that some day I'll switch it up a bit...but prob not for awhile :)

This morning I snapped them wearing their adorable sweaters from Aunt Debi and Uncle Russ. The only thing missing are Emma and Will who happen to have the same set of sweaters...can't wait to get pics of all of them together!!! I love The Children's Place rugby sweaters and have bought one for Katie the last few years. I was very excited for her to receive one for this winter as a Big Sister gift. AND I am loving Timmy in these colors - he looks EXTREMELY cute today!!! (He got jeans as part of his gift too, but they're in the laundry - he will look like quite the big boy when wearing the sweater and jeans together, though).

P.S. For Aunt Debi - Thanks again and good news - I was able to exchange Katie's sweater for a 5...they had the same pattern up to size 8 - they were just over on the other side of the store with the big girl clothes...GEEZ - I can't believe I have to buy her clothes on the big girl side!!!!

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