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Monday, September 8, 2008

Maybe this is driving me a bit more nuts than usual due to my pregnancy hormones - or perhaps because I lost my job through no fault of my own while incompetent morons of the world keep a job despite having no sense.

1) This one isn't really too big of deal..just a little disappointing. As I mentioned before, on Katie's first day of school we got interviewed for the local paper. I bought 2 copies and almost a 3rd of the article was about Katie ... the only problem ... they used her teacher's name when referring to me and my name to refer to her teacher - so you would never even know it was about MY Katie since she is referred to by first name only and it is implied that she is the teacher's daughter.

2) Dealing with Ashley Furniture:

7/29 - Furniture ordered in store - am told it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery

8/5 - (only one week later) - Chris tells me I need to call Ashley Furniture. TWO people called to tell us our furniture is in and to call the following day between 9:30-4 to schedule delivery.

8/6 - Call at 9:45 am -told that I need to call back, that the appropriate person is not yet in and likely won't be in until after 10.

8/7 - Call at 1pm - told the person I need is at lunch - I asked if anyone else could help me that it is my second time calling and I can't seem to get someone. Was told - WELL do you keep calling during lunchtime? I explained, no I called yesterday at 9:45 when I had been told to call after 9:30 and she says well, she was here then - you couldn't have called at that time. She grudgingly looks up my info and tells me - your desk isn't here yet and we aren't required to deliver until 8/26 (ish) so you need to wait. I was like HELLO - I'm not arbitrarily calling to check on my order - I received TWO phone calls that my furniture was in and to call to set up delivery. After several more phone calls I leave it alone and just wait until the desk is in.

8/13 - 2 more calls that my furniture is in.

8/14 - Set up delivery for the following day. I'm told I'll receive a call in the morning with my delivery window. I stress that I will available all day EXCEPT 4:45-6 since I have to pick up Katie from daycare. Am told, no problem, they will put a note in the computer.

8/15 - Called in the am to be told my delivery window will be 3:30-6:30pm. I flip out. Am told they will put a note in to call me when they are 15 min away...I stress that this doesn't help since I already know when I won't be there. She looks up the delivery route and told me it looks like they're already behind schedule so they'll like come after 6 anyway. A few hours later I get a call to formally tell me they are at least 2 hours behind the delivery window. Actual time of arrival - 9:30pm. They very quickly set up and caught me in the middle of doing something else to sign for delivery cause they still had ANOTHER delivery that night. After they leave, I realize the mirror on Katie's dresser is in really bad shape - gashes in the wood and pretty filthy in some decorative grooves that I can't get clean unless I go over the entire thing with a q-tip. Also, the desk paint looks like complete crap in some areas.

8/21 - I call (within the allowed 7 day window) to ask for a replacement mirror. I'm told that a service guy has to come out to repair since it is just wood damage and not damage to the actual mirror. OK. I will be called beg of next week to set up repair.

8/29 - I come home at night to a voicemail that repair is scheduled for 9/2 and that I will receive a call the night before with a service window. (Never asked if I could be home or to verify if this day would work)

9/2 - I call first thing to tell them I did NOT receive a call the night before, but furthermore I had an appt in the afternoon that I knew I wouldn't be home..could she please let me know what the window was supposed to be. I was told...oh he'll prob just call when he's on his way. I said well being that I will not be here in the afternoon, that's not going to work..I can be home all day tomorrow though. I'm told - oh, no problem she'll just call him and tell him to cancel and add me to tomorrow. She couldn't reach him, but she says no prob, if he gets there and you're there - fine - otherwise I already have you on for tomorrow.

9/3 - 11am - still haven't heard anything. I call to mention that I didn't get a call the night before with a window or so far - can they please verify that I was correctly set up for service today. I was told - you were set up for yesterday - after I gave the whole story - she said well, the person you dealt with is the regular person and she has been here for years so if she said you're set up for today then you are. I verify, should I be concerned that I didn't get a call last night and she said no, he'll prob just call when he's a stop or 2 before your house.

4pm - I call back since I was told they only do service calls until 5pm and I STILL haven't received any calls. I'm told (by someone else, of course) - you were set up for yesterday. I again tell the story and mention..doesn't really matter if I was set up for yesterday since NOONE came yesterday or ever called. I'm told, well they ALWAYS call the night before with a service window so you should have known they weren't coming today if you didn't get a call last night....she actually was pretty nice and helpful though and spoke to her manager and told me they'll just go ahead an order me a brand new mirror. FINE (of course, I still have to be home another day to get delivery of that mirror).

Tonight 9/8 - Hi, this is Ashley Furniture repair - I'm scheduled for repair service at your house tomorrow and calling to give you a window for tomorrow afternoon. I said, I don't think so. You were scheduled for last Tues and then last Wed and supposedly they were supposed to just order me another mirror. He said well, I only go to your town on Tues and Thurs (he clearly had NEVER had me on his schedule for either day the previous week). Of course, I have 2 doctor's appts tomorrow afternoon so I tell him that noone even called to set up tomorrow with me and that I will be out all afternoon, but that I could be home on Thursday. So, apparently I am now set up with the repair man himself to be here on Thursday. We'll see if he shows....but def not cancelling the new mirror until he does...


debi9kids September 9, 2008 at 10:02 PM  

HOLY CRAP! UGH! I can't believe they still haven't fixed all this tuff for you! UGH!

Anonymous,  September 10, 2008 at 9:49 AM  

Ugh! I can relate--we had a similar experience with a local furniture place for living room furniture when we first moved here. Don't you feel like you're on Candid Camera? There's no way people are really this stupid. I hope it all finally works out!

Anonymous,  September 11, 2008 at 4:15 PM  

i think my bad luck is running off onto everyone i come into contact with...so i've decided that i need to become a hermit and never leave my apartment so as not of rub off on anyone else in our family! candi

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