TWO for TWOS-Day - Buddies

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The day of Timmy's Christening, he got a little tired of being held all afternoon and wanted to be let loose to play. I also wanted to get some pictures of him with our good friends' little girl who was born just a few days before him.
Sooooo cute!
And then, they started to roll over together at exactly the same time...even cuter!

Then Timmy started to get a little heavy handed. We told him to keep his hands to himself but he swore up and down that he was just going to give her a hug and kiss.

But what he really planned to do was smash her head into the floor.

But luckily "A" is a very forgiving little girl (and pretty darn cute, too)! Look at him looking at her. I think we have a case of "I'm going to smack you and pull your hair because I secretly have a crush on you"

Ok, yes, I put them all out of the actual order to mold into my little story. In reality, we tore Timmy off of her when he started to attack and that was the end of it. They really did roll in tandem though and it was hilarious to watch!

If you have a cute "two-some" to share or want to see some more...check in at Who Says 8 is Enough today.


Baby Picture Sunday - All for Daddy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Joining in late, but playing along this week with Baby Picture Sunday.

From 2005
to 2008,
every day in between and every day since, you have been an amazing father.

Happy Father's Day, Chris!

P.S. You do a great job making 8 and almost 9 lbs babies look teeny tiny in your hands.


Baby Picture Sunday - Silly Smiles

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First off, I just posted Timmy's "7 month" post, but I backdated it to his actual 7 month birthday, so make sure you don't miss it!

I'm playing along with Debi's Baby Picture Sunday again. This week she has chosen "silly smiles" as her theme and make sure you check out her pictures today because they are adorable! I on the other hand ran into a bit of a snag. See, I've pretty much already posted all of my adorable silly smile pics of Timmy so I went back to the Disney vacation photos I haven't shared yet and came across this little cutie. It's actually more of Tim's charming side than silly side (of which he is abundant of both.) In truth, I think he's in the middle of blowing raspberries with his mouth :)

And then there is Katie...who is practically ALL silly ALL the time...but there are just SO many silly pictures of her to choose from that I would be here all day trying to pick the perfect one. So instead, I chose the picture of her that I immediately thought of as soon as I saw the picture of Timmy above.
This is Katie in February 2006, at 7 months old. It cracks me up everytime I look at a picture of her at about the same age Timmy is now. The resemblance is uncanny to me. She is clearly a girl and he is definately all boy, but there's no doubt at all that they're brother and sister. Makes me wonder what a third baby would look like...


7 Months Old - Forever

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The big boy was 7 months old on Wednesday. He's approximately 19 1/2 lbs now and transitioning into 12 months clothing. He's up to 6 teeth (4 on top; 2 on bottom) and loves to feed himself. He loves chomping on rice cakes, puffed veggie snacks, crackers/cookies, and especially FRENCH FRIES! Yes, we teach healthy eating habits early, here. He is a cat whisperer. He can pull Toby's tail with no repercussion and gets LOTS of cuddles from Caely who usually likes noone. Timmy loves to watch all of the animals, but for some reason the cats put him into a trance. He still has tumbles here and there, but he is a pretty solid sitter now and can get to sitting from laying on his back or belly. He has the reach of a 7'2" basketball player. He's scooting and semi-crawling everywhere. He can pretty much move in every direction except directly forward. And he LOVES his toys!!! He especially loves anything he can grab or knock over. He loves his jumper and playing in his excersaucer, but more than anything likes to be let loose on the floor with his toys.

I swear, it was Katie, I did NOT make this mess!

Mmmm, what IS this heavenly concoction? Fun to eat and fun to play...

If I could freeze my kids at any age, it would be right now. Well, not freeze so they don't move; rather, freeze them to be this age forever. Timmy is just a perfect baby (although he could be a little lighter :). He is charming and happy and has a contagious smile and laugh. He is an awesome cuddler and loves to hang onto my neck like a monkey. He gives the best kisses (if you're into having your mouth and nose sucked off). But while he's still my "baby", I love that he can amuse himself and play independently for a good amount of time. I love that he charms the socks off of anyone who meets him. He is my sweet boy. And while Tim's busy being my perfect baby, I'm just enjoying Katie more than ever as well. Her speech is improving in leaps and bounds. She loves to try to make us laugh and she is so independent. She loves to do things for herself and loves playing pretend with her dollhouse and baby dolls. And while she's my "big girl," she's still innocent and loves and trusts her mommy and daddy unconditionally. How did I get so lucky?


Meet the Voices in My Head

I have these voices in my head. The first hit of my google search says I am hearing ghosts, I have a spirit guide, or I am insane. Interesting. Another says I'm falling asleep, I have a pyschological or psychiatric issue, I have psychosis or psychotic depression, or I have schizophrenia. Maybe I'm being dramatic. They're not exactly voices.

Ok, here's my self-diagnosis. Directly from college, I had a highly stressful job as a Big 4 auditor (I'm a CPA) for 8 years. I am a procrastinator, so I would regularly be freaking out over meeting my next deadline. (They were always met, thankyou very much - in case a future employer finds my blog.) I was laid off last August - almost a year ago. (At 28 weeks pregnant....grrr) It took a long time for me to let go of all the open projects I left behind (in my head) and to stop worrying about my clients. As a result of having lots more free time and living for my children in a full-time way I began my blog. And now, I can't go through the day without thinking, oh, I should write about that. The problem is there's so much I want to mention or share, but I often have more important things going on (like taking a nap if I can :) So the major events I want to share about start piling up..the rest of our Disney vacation, Katie's school spring fair, Timmy's Christening, among some other day trips we've had here and there. But I also have these random thoughts that I want to share and the stress of not really wanting to take the time to upload all my pictures because blogger is a bitch to format, but wanting to post some things - and keeping track of what I want to share when I do get caught up - well it's taking over.

Apparently, it is in my character to need multiple things to think about at one time. Since school assignments and work deadlines aren't there to compete, the "blog voices" are taking over (because I've tied up, gagged, and blindfolded the "you need to clean your house and finish all of your projects voices" and apparently they only get to see the light of day when I've injected myself with major amounts of coffee OR its 24 hours to a lot of company or a big party at my house - you see the problems I have with procrastination?)

Ok, so enough is enough, I'm going to let them have their say now and I warn you - they may start making regular appearances throughout my posts. (and I warn you these voices don't neccessarily have anything brilliant or noteworthy to say...just something that seemed important when I originally thought it).

1) If I had cutesy nicknames to hide the identities of my children (or for the sake of being cutesy) I think I would pick "Little Miss Messy" and "Mr. Mischief." Of course I would abbreviate them as needed.

2) I need someone close to get pregnant with a girl. I was at Carter's today and I felt like a diabetic kid in a candy store. ( that has just recently gotten diabetes, so they KNOW what they're missing! Ok, maybe a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes is a better analogy...if she likes candy.) Any takers?

3) I discovered a remarkable art project in Katie's backpack today. It looked like a fat Uncle Sam on a red brick road. She informed me that it was Humpty Dumpty....gotcha. I automatically "saw it" But do you know what suprised me the most? Apparently Humpty Dumpty had a great.."water". I swear. I started the rhyme and let Katie finish it off for me and she just kept saying he had a great "water." I even gently told her I thought she was wrong, but she stuck by it.

4) I know it isn't fair to "live through your children, " but I have to admit, I will be guilty. Katie is TERRIFIC in gymnastics, for her age level, and...and this is a "big" and, if she is in the mood. At the end of the winter semester she amazed me at her show. She did things she had never even been willing to do during the weekly class. I attributed it to her being thrilled to have an audience, particularly her Aunt Lori and cousin Paige. I though she'd pick up right where she left off heading into this past semester, but she was back to being tempermental and some weeks just letting her body go limp like a noodle when her instructors tried to teach her. Last week, I told her she had to try hard because it was the last practice day before her big show and again...she was AMAZING. I invited some other family members to her show this week that hadn't seen her before (and even Aunt Lori and Paige since they seemed to make such an impact last time) and was so excited for them to see her...and well, I felt disappointed. Katie never knew it, but it was there. I really don't care one bit if my kids aren't the best at something, but I do feel strongly that I want them to try their best. I know, I know...she's having fun at that's what I want for her, but I can't help the fact that I feel that way. I wish she would progress, just a little bit, on a regular basis.

5)I have strong feelings concerning home schooling. However, I'm not a great debater (nor do I enjoy debating.) These voices are constantly making me think about it, though, when I'm say driving or falling asleep. I'm considering trying to organize my thoughts and write a post about it so I can move on from my thoughts. (EDITED to say concerning instead of considering because I didn't mean to leave the impression that I am a proponent; I'm not. It's not for me)

6) I need to start (diligently) looking for another job, and I don't want to!

7) I need to drink more water throughout the day instead of waiting until I'm dying of thirst at the end of the day and then being up to pee all night...(well, everytime I'm up with the baby anyway).

8) I am pissed at want to thank Debi for telling me about her love affair with nachos when I mentioned to her that I would consider leaving my husband for a broiled bagel with cheese. I'm out of sliced cheese, but have loads of shredded sharp cheddar left over from the Christening. Last night when it was time for me to go to bed binge snack, the voices reminded me about our conversation about nachos. So instead of going to bed, the leftover pita chips and cheese got nuked and damn if they weren't yummy! Thanks a lot, Deb! :)

And by the way...the mischievous one is 7 MONTHS OLD today!!! Post to follow...

P.S. Even if you don't regularly read my "comments" section - you should this time. My husband has finally figured out how to leave a comment. It says anonymous, but I know it's him! Funny how he had something to say about all of my "topics", but nothing to say about me leaving him for a broiled bagel with cheese :)


TWO for TWOS-Day - Generations

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Remember I mentioned that Timmy got christened 2 weeks ago? Here's a sneak peak at our Irish Catholic beerfest that followed. Ok, well not really...but I did want to at least start getting some pictures up. My TWO for Tuesday this week is Timmy and my Pop-pop Doc. Check out Eight is Great and/or Who Says 8 is Enough? to find out who else is playing along. This is one of favorite themes to play along with and I hope Deanna will be posting it again soon. But in the meantime, I know that Debi is trying to keep the momentum going.

My mom's parents have 7 children (my mom's the 2nd of the 7) and loads of grandchildren and they now have 6 great-granchildren. When I was young, their youngest were still at home so we didn't get heaps of attention from least we older grandkids tell ourselves that's the reason. Maybe they always did love babies, but as we got to be teenagers, a whole new wave of grandkids were born and they were the apples of my grandparent's eyes. I'm embarrassed to say that I've always striven to have "approval" from my grandparents, whatever that means. I lost my other grandmother (who in retrospect, I know loved us to pieces) early on and only ever had one living grandfather. Ok, getting to the point...I haven't felt like I've received a whole lot of affection from grandparents growing up, so it absolutely delights me to see them with my children, especially Timmy, who they adore. My mom tells me after every time they see him how much they get a kick out of him and I love seeing them ask to hold him.

Hey pop - I heard you were a marine...see if you can swim through my drool...

Pop -why do you have so many wrinkles?

Aww, I don't care...gimme a hug!

Nope, I need you closer...I want a kiss and to wrip your ears off...

I love you, pop. I'm glad to have this time with you...
...and with Grandmom Doc!

Sorry, that's 2 sets of 2. I was just going to do the "Daniels" (Timothy Daniel and Raymond Daniel), but I got carried away...


Makes My Monday! - Sleeping Children

Monday, June 8, 2009

We had a rough patch of sleeping issues with the kids this weekend. After just recovering from bronchitis and an all night bender with friends Friday night I was really hoping to get some sleep this weekend. Of course that meant Mr. Tim was up at 5 am on Saturday morning (after being up MANY times Friday night). Then Katie was up at 4:30am on Sunday...sent back to bed only to get back up at 5:30am. Tim was up shortly after at 6:00am. He was whiny most of the weekend and clearly needed some sleep...and then a miracle happened. He slept through the night last night from 8:30pm to 8:00 am with only one wakeup at 2:30am. And icing on the cake, Katie had to be woken up at 8:00am today. And the cherry....Tim is taking a GREAT nap...9:30 am going on almost 12:30pm. Hallelujah!!!

Looks like all he needed was a pillow!
(...and a special thanks to Chris who let me get back to sleep at 8am on Saturday and sleep a lot of the day away...)

If there's something that Makes YOUR Monday, head on over to Twinfatuation to play along!


Lord, grant me the serenity...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

...because I'm not ready for this....

...and this...

...and this...(ok, I may have helped him a little for this one)...

, but he certainly liked the view...

...because he is a bad ass!
I swear, he SEEMED tired when I put him down.
I guess it's time to lower the crib mattress.

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