Before & After...Weekend Update - Part 2

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Before and after my crazy day in labor and delivery on Friday, I managed to capture some great pics.

As usual, Katie was eager to have her picture taken while waiting for the bus...but even more excited to have them taken with "her" new flowers. We had been at the supermarket earlier in the week and she wanted mums so badly, but I knew we would have no room in the cart for them. So, when I ran to the store on Thursday, while she was at school, I went ahead and picked them up. She was "SO happy" when she saw them Thursday that she ran over to them and actually hugged and kissed them....she's so weird!

(and yes, our fault that the Eagles lost Sunday since it always seems to be bad luck for them when Katie wears their jersey on a Friday).

She was a big helper to me all last week in the kitchen. I had been working hard making stews and other freezable meals for after delivery, so Friday night I decided to let her "help me" make cupcakes. A real bummer since I can't even eat any...but I knew it would be a huge thrill for her. Unfortunately, in the middle of making them, my new medicine to help regulate my sugar made me pretty much flatline and Chris had to take over the cupcake making because I couldn't stand up. (And so began the next 18 hours of feeling like I was on death's door). But, I'll save that story for the next post. Katie loved making cupcakes, especially putting on the icing with her Daddy and of course, getting to EAT them!!!!


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