Baby Picture Sunday - Halloween

Sunday, October 19, 2008

UGHHH - this was supposed to be preposted for NEXT week, but I hit publish post by accident instead of post options :(....ooops, SORRY!!! I'll just have to link back on next Sunday. (AND..I just changed the posting date back to the 19th instead of the 26th so that it doesn't stay at the top of my blog ALL week..grrr!)

Of course it's not Halloween yet, silly! But, Debi wants us to show off our babies this Sunday with some Halloween themed pics. Since I used Katie's second Halloween pics for last week...I suppose I'll use her first Halloween pics this time. No, it's not you...there is a recurring theme of FOOD (only the first two years...but she was so cute - wouldn't you want to just take a bite?). We actually borrowed this costume from Katie's big cousin Paige who also wore it on HER first Halloween. (Katie was only 4 months old...Paige had worn it at 9 months old...)

Waiting for her costume...

Getting cuddles from Paige... STRAWBERRY-LICIOUS!

Make sure you check out who else is showing off their Halloween babies this week at Who Says Eight is Enough?


Terri October 19, 2008 at 6:57 PM  

Love the strawberry! Delaney was a strawberry for her first halloween!!

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