Friday Foto Finish Fiesta - Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Does anyone else wish they could have a computer chip implanted in them so as they're doing things like driving or showering and thinking about all the things they've done and want to blog about, that they could just have their thoughts automatically converted to said blog? There are so many things I want to share, yet I find myself getting just a very small fraction up here. Some day I'll just sit for awhile and get a bunch of pre-posting done - hopefully! But in the midst of loads of fun around our house, I took some advice from Debi and chose to do an impromptu photo shoot MYSELF!! What was I thinking?!?! I am neurotic when it comes to getting great pictures and I have always arrived for planned photo sessions with examples of shots I want to get in hand. Well yesterday I decided to head up to the mall to get Timmy some big boy shoes for Easter and his Christening (May 24th) and dropped in at Sears to beg an unscheduled photo session (it was hard, they were packed - but they squeezed me in!). We even got to see the Easter Bunny!!!!

If you have phun fotos you would like to share, stop on by at Candid Carrie's to play along (or just to see who else is playing.) You may have noticed some of our Sear's photos in my new blog title section. Overall I was pretty pleased, except that Katie's hair was a mess in almost every picture and the pictures that I thought had Timmy smiling when I saw them tiny, actually were NOT smiles. Of course, the little bugger was ALL smiles after the picture taking while we were waiting for them to process!!! (Does it make me evil to have been secretly happy watching all the kids after us be equally unpleasant for THEIR moms - just so my kids weren't the only ones?!?!)

And finally, my unrelated point of the day...we got a new car last Friday. I traded in my Sonata (for a ridiculous and pitiful amount of money) and got a Hyundai Vera Cruz. My Sonata, gave me 7 great years. It was actually still running fine, but I was a little nervous since I had just crossed over 100,000 miles. So, you know how to tell you are RIDICULOUSLY out of shape?!? Switch from a car to a small SUV for a few days. If your butt hurts after 2 days from climbing in and out of the car, you deserve to have someone take you out back and shoot you - just like me!!!

And speaking of 100's...have you noticed who is getting close to their 100th post?!?!? I'll be leading up to it with some fun posts and will capture the momentous occasion by sharing Katie's interview of me. (Ok - not really that exciting since my main blog readers have already read it - but maybe I'll share another good story too...)


Unknown April 10, 2009 at 3:34 PM  

Awwwww ... they are so cute :-)

The little one almost looks like he's thinking 'What is this big furry thing that's holding me? :-)

Happy Easter !

debi9kids April 13, 2009 at 1:11 AM  

LOL! I can't wait until you post your interview (which reminds me, I need to get the kids to do it)

I think the pics were great, esp since you did it alone. Great job!

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