Three Little Monkeys

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Katie sure loves Max and Ellie!

(We love their mom, too, who was so nice to bring Katie and Timmy presents from her business trip to England!)


Elle Bee July 25, 2009 at 6:50 PM  

Hahaha! Cute! A three car pile-up!

monica July 26, 2009 at 12:38 AM  

How cute!! I agree with Elle Bee Pile three high!! very fun. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

Hit 40 July 26, 2009 at 2:46 PM  

SO CUTE!!! Who needs a fancy house? You are truly blessed with friends and family.

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums July 28, 2009 at 2:14 AM  

Awwww!!!! They are so cute together. They look like best friends. Hope you are having a great week!

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