8 Months Old - Mr. Busy Boy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Timmy's first sailor suit, handmade by his Grandma Bouf (who happened to be in the Navy)

I mentioned it at 6 months - this boy is trouble! Faster than the speed of light, he will crawl to get wherever he should not be: the cat food, the cat water bowl, towards the top of the steps...cackling the entire way. It doesn't help that even if I close him in a room, his sister sneaks the door open for him and beckons him out. The more difficult he makes it for us to dress him, the funnier he thinks it is. Ironically, he does understand "No!" now, but everytime he hears it he stops, looks over and gives me the most innocent smile as if to say "Who, me?"Keeping him focused to nurse is becoming more and more of a problem and unfortunately he seems to be making it up for it with nightime feedings.

I got myself up, you don't really expect me to walk out too, do ya?...maybe next month.
Speaking of eating, with 7 teeth now, he loves to munch on cheerios and still loves his puffed rice snacks. He's through his meats and is eating chunkier foods. He's also doing really well drinking from a straw and a sippy cup. I usually hold the cup for him, but once in a while he gets it in all by himself. He loves to pull himself up to standing and can even climb a few steps.

Sitting inside the excersaucer is for babies, it's like so last month!
He seems to take after his big sister in loving rides. He's been on a carousel a few times now and has completely bypassed the non-moving horsies. He's known exactly how to hold on from his first ride. He even rode the big slide at Dutch Wonderland this weekend.
I swear I usually smile on the carousel, but it was the end of the day and I was soooo tired!

Please ignore the whale holding me! It's all about me anyway, isn't it?
He went on his first trip to the beach this past week. He eventually realized that he loved to crawl around in the sand, but HATED the water - a suprise since he loves to swim in the pool and usually loves his bath.

Hee, hee, hee...I know I'm doing something bad, so it's soooo funny!
Why does the water keep ruining my fun?

He absolutely loves our many outings to the Philadelphia Zoo. No matter how tired he is, he is perfectly content to be pushed around in his stroller. Unfortunately, it doesn't ever put him to sleep like most babies since he is too afraid to miss a thing.

I love being outside!
This month has been a busy month for our busy boy!


Angela July 22, 2009 at 6:56 AM  

Can I say I'm in love? Oh my goodness gracious, he has made my heart melt. I read at Debi's blog your getting ready to go back to work? Well you can 'fly' your children down here to Canada, I run an awesome daycare,,LOL..
Julie, I'm serious, he is SO adorable...

Your daughter is just too precious and would fit in quite well with the other little girls I have here...

So just let me know when the kids will be dropped off? lol

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