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Monday, February 16, 2009

I feel terrible for not writing this post a long time ago, but it seems to be crucial now. Veiyah needs your prayers.

I am new to praying like my life depends on it. I have experienced the trials of cancer and loss with my father and my cousin Kelli and in retrospect still feel a numbness towards those experiences. I feel guilty that I didn't pray more and with more feeling. I think in both cases I was in denial that bad things really would happen to people I know and love. I believe in a loving God and I never thought that he would actually take them. When he took my dad, I realized that my father struggled throughout his life on earth. He felt a lot of pain. He missed his entire family who had gone before him. I knew he was in a much happier place with God. Kelli's death didn't really hit me until her funeral. I was at a busy time in my life. She was a lot younger than me and I didn't really have a personal relationship with her. I just always believed that her youth would pull her through. She passed away on my birthday. I was pregnant with Katie at the time and also happened to feel Katie move for the first time that night. I have always taken that as a sign from Kelli that she was ok.

Maybe it's the fact that my mommy hormones are still ramped up from having a baby and breastfeeding or maybe just a growth in maturity, but I was touched to really pray for the first time in December when Tuesday took a turn for the worse. Till that point I believed without a doubt that she would become healthy again. I prayed for a miracle. My only solace is that the miracle God gave us was to bring so many people closer to him.

I'm hoping that everyone who has been offering so much love and support for Tuesday and her family wouldn't mind taking some more time for Veiyah. I know there are many babies out there that need our prayers - but I would appreciate if you could stay down on your knees for just a little bit longer to pray for Veiyah. I originally "met" Veiyah's mom Ani on Babycenter.com during our pregnancies. She was thrilled to be having twin girls. She learned during her pregnancy that one of the twins had congenital heart disease and Situs Inversus (Heterotaxy). Sadly, her "healthy" twin Aderah suddenly got sick in utero and passed away 2 weeks before both baby girls were delivered. I followed her family through their mourning on Ani's Carepages blog. Like Tuesday's parents, Aderah and Veiyah's parents have remained strong through their faith in Jesus. Please pray for them and their beautiful little girl.


debi9kids February 17, 2009 at 10:53 PM  

Such a beautiful and sad post :(
Thanks for pointing me in their direction.
I added their button on my prayer blog and will certainly keep this precious baby in my prayers. Poor little thing.

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums February 18, 2009 at 9:12 PM  

Awww....I will most definately pray. It's so tragic when these kinds of things happen. (((Hugs)))

Anonymous,  February 19, 2009 at 11:50 AM  

Julie--how sad! I will definitely add their family to my prayers. It really puts my day-to-day gripes in perspective when I read a story like theirs. Thanks for bringing her story to us! :)

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