Three Months Old - So alike, yet so different!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr. Handsome - 3 months old

As everyone with a newborn is, we were inundated after both Katie and Timmy's births with the she looks like X/he looks like Y conversations. Katie had a much skinnier face in her first 2 months, but from very early on Timmy looked very similar to Katie's 3 months pictures. I was curious to see how closely they would resemble each other once he was 3 months, too. Katie's eyes were/are darker and more almond shape and her ears stuck out a bit further, but there's no denying that Timmy and Katie look alike. They have the same nose, the same mouth; similar cheek bones and chin. They both have my fine hair and cowlick. At the end of the day, I think my husband and I both just have a lot of similar family characteristics and both kids are a good mix of us both. They are/were also both VERY good babies.

That's pretty much where the similarities end, though.

Katie was born with dark hair that got lighter. Timmy was born with light hair that seems to be getting darker.
Katie rarely cried unless she was hungry or needed to be changed. Timmy rarely cries unless he needs to burp or needs to go poo (he's SUPER happy once it's done - I guess it's a man thing - all that pride).

Katie never got the hang of self-soothing and was a frequent night waker. She could rarely get herself back to sleep without nursing and after she was weened took to a binky until the binky fairy visited just short of her 3rd birthday. Timmy sleeps really well, for a breastfead baby. He is the cutest little thumbsucker I ever saw. He can always get himself back to sleep unless he needs to eat or has to burp.

On the same note, Katie took a pretty long time to establish a sort of schedule but was very adaptable. Timmy has gotten into the swing of a loose schedule on his own and gets pretty pissed if he's tired and not at home to sleep on his wedge.

Katie loved her carseat, fell asleep within seconds of being in the car and would stay asleep well after arriving at our destination. That seemed to be the case with Timmy in the first few weeks, but now, especially if he's tired, he's a nightmare in the car. He sometimes cries everytime the car stops and sometimes just cries the entire trip.

Katie was happy to play on her back, but cried her eyes out during tummy time. Timmy will accept some playtime on his back but loves being on his stomach. Actually, he doesn't really enjoy playing on his stomach though. After a few moments he usually starts sucking his thumb and just goes to sleep.

(They're both Timmy falling asleep right after being put down for tummy time.)

Katie was a usually serious baby, taking everything in, and I don't remember a lot of babble from her early on. Timmy is pretty silly. I swear he smiles at me sometimes just to make me laugh, especially when I'm nursing him. He started cooing around 6 weeks old and the last week or so he has become a real chatterbox with lots of vowel sounds, ga sounds, and ma sounds.

(make sure you watch to the end for all of his super cuteness :)
Katie was early for almost every physical milestone, except pushing up. She was actually sticking her legs up in the air at a 90 degree angle at 2 months old to kick the birdie on her playmat. Timmy does great at pushing up, due to so much tummy time, but still can't roll over and has never lifted his legs up except to kick straight out.

Katie was sick her ENTIRE first winter. From the ER on Thanksgiving night through early spring. Timmy just got his first real cold. (I know this is prob due to Katie having started daycare in November).

I know a lot of their differences are due to Timmy's reflux and also from him sleeping on the reflux wedge, which he loves (thanks Debi!). I'm a little nervous (ok a LOT nervous) of when he outgrows it and needs to learn to sleep on his back in the crib. I was hoping that he would be able to roll over by the time he outgrew it so I wouldn't worry about him sleeping on his belly in the crib but that milestone still seems far off, while graduation from the wedge doesn't seem so far off - his feet are getting close to the floor.

They are both in love with each other, though. Katie is SO helpful (and I'm not even being sarcastic). She would do almost anything for him. She loves holding him and especially watching tv while laying next to him in my bed. She is so cute when she talks to him saying such appropriate things like I know, I know, little guy and inappropriate things like Oh Timmy, you're so baby...huh? The feeling is mutual, too. He lights up when he sees her and LOVES to watch her. Life is good right now. (Yes mom, life is GOOD..even if I have an occasional bad day).

Btw, this is my second post from today - so if you missed the first one, be sure to click back to read it.


Sugar Boogers & Tantrums February 11, 2009 at 2:13 AM  

Oh yea they look exactly alike. Almost a spittin image. It's nice to know Katie is good to him. I am having some issues with Andrew not being very nice to Breelyn. It's really bothering me. I try to include him but I am constantly having to make sure he doesn't hit her or something. He is only 4. Maybe it's the age but I can't seem to get him to understand that she's just a baby and she will look up to him. If you have any advice please tell me. My heart sinks to think he's going to be mean to her. B/C she smiles at him the most when he comes around. He has his times when he is real sweet to her and does sweet things for her but he can do a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde really quick. Is it something I'm doing wrong? I wanted to ask Debi but with all that has gone on with Tuesday I really haven't blogged much this past week at all. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears. Oh and I try to let him make decisions and let him help me give her a bath. I don't know what else to do.

While I am here. I'm sorry I got Timmy's name wrong and called him Will that time. I am sooo embarassed. Silly Me.

Happy Tuesday!!

Mummy McTavish February 11, 2009 at 7:56 PM  

My reflux babies used a side wedge even when they were in the big cot. It kept them propped on their left side so the opening of their stomach it pointing up. It's two triangles of foam with a piece of fabric holding them together under the baby. One side has velcro so you can move it in or out as your baby chubs up. If you want to know more email me from my profile and I'll post a photo.

Mummy McTavish February 11, 2009 at 8:13 PM  

Actually I just remembered the wedge is sold as something to keep them sleeping on their back but I turned one wedge around so the curve went the opposite way and it kept them on their side. I also bought on special once some cot feet for propping up one end of the cot there's three size blocks that are stackable or able to be used individually. I havent used them yet because Dragon was out of his reflux by the time I saw them in the shops. I figured the next baby will have reflux, it's 2 for 2 so far. They are also good for when they are all gunked up with a cold.

debi9kids February 12, 2009 at 2:38 AM  

OMGOsh! I can't believe how alike they look! WOW! I never would've thought.
LOVE the comparison of the two of them. Crazy how different they were as babies.

The video is adorable! (love Chris in tha background too. LOL)

Unknown February 12, 2009 at 9:13 AM  

LOL - you're supposed to pretend you don't hear him :)

Unknown February 12, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

Mummy McTavish - oh, the next baby, huh :) I'm still trying to convince my hubby of that possibility. I have what you are talking about, both flat ones and one that is elevated. That's what i'm going to try to transition him to first, but he won't even stay alseep with that right now. He has a strong startle reflex and I think part of the whole thing with his love for the wedge is the cocooned feeling. When I'm serious about this, I prob start out trying to swaddle him again in the positioner...but he's supposed to be growing out of the need for a swaddle too. I don't know. It will's just going to take some sleepless nights.

Unknown February 12, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

Butterfly kisses - Oh that's ok about the name...didn't bother me a bit. He's going to grow up thinking his name is Mr. Handsome anyway :)

As for Andrew. I don't know that I really have any advice. I really just lucked out with Katie. Don't get me wrong, she gets rough sometimes, but for her it's only due to her excitement. I would say that Andrew's reaction could partially be to him being a boy as well. Katie is obsessed with babies. I started reading a book "From One Child to Two" right before Timmy was born, but I wouldn't say it offers a ton of real advice. It gives a lot of first hand experiences and all I could say is that normal can vary greatly. It sounds like you're doing everything right to me. If anything, I would say just make sure he's not being forced into "helping" if there's something else he'd rather be doing at the time. Try to keep life as consistent for him as possible. Take a few mommy and Andrew trips - maybe to the store or something. Good luck and don't worry. EVERY kid is different. It doesn't mean that you're doing anything wrong or that there's something wrong with him.

Mum-me February 14, 2009 at 6:09 AM  

It's fun to compare babies. Yours are adorable!

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