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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I added this great picture from a great day in Avalon to facebook on Tuesday. Joey Fortman organized a fabulous blogger bash at the Golden Inn and we were treated to sandcastle building lessons from Sandman Matt (from Travel Channel's Sandmasters).

I attempted to share with my facebook friends that we had the best beach day ever. Only then I started seeing in my e-mails that a few of my friends commented back that they loved beach gays, too. Phone typos, garhhh!! But maybe not a typo? Cause we did have an interesting conversation on the way home.

I tune out to back seat conversations, especially when I'm trying to soothe my headache with a little Adele. But, the arguing had gotten a little loud and I decided to intervene.

The argument:

Katie was trying to tell Timmy that all queens were girls.

Timmy, who enjoys frustrating his sister by being oppositional and thinks it's cute and funny to insist that people are of the opposite sex ("Mom, you're a boyyy, right?"), stood by his statement that boys could be queens, too.

They turned to me to see who was right. Not sure whether I should go there, I explained, "Well....., there are some men who sometime like to act girly and they call each other queens."

Katie's response: (deep thoughts) ooohhh! Ok.

Timmy's: (big grin) TOLD ya!


Nichole July 29, 2012 at 2:26 PM  

Funny! Before I read your post I was about to message you and say I think you made a typo in your title! lol

Unknown July 29, 2012 at 4:38 PM  

LOL I know all about those back seat conversations! More than one between my kids and their friends was more than a bit unusual. Especially the one where they were talking about a special ed class three of them were in where the teacher had told them AIDS was spread by global warming! (Not kidding, he really did say that!) Of course that will teach them to let the kids tape instead of take notes! Needless to say it ended up with a bit of a confrontation in school! There is a REALLY GOOD reason to be sure you are the primary source of your child's sex ed!

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