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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katie wanted to be a doctor when she grows up. A baby doctor. So she could help kids all the time. From about as early as we could understand her (which was at about 3), she was set on her career path. Last year, she was even a doctor for Halloween.

That all changed when Katie became more familiar with the world around her. And at 4 years old started to have anxiety about things like learning how to drive when she grows up. Quick witted like her mom, she came up with the solution that instead of being a doctor, she would be an "countant" like her mom. So she could drive with me to work every day and be with me every day.

She may have possibly also decided to change career paths due to a little conversation where she asked me how she would learn to be a doctor and I told her that in medical school she would get to cut open bodies and see what's inside of them. She wasn't a huge fan of that idea.

Lucky for Katie, being an accountant is a little less traumatic. And last month, she got a chance to come to work with me for a half day.

The other half of the day, we were busy doing this.


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