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Thursday, December 18, 2008

As I was driving this morning, Sophie B. Hawkins' "As I Lay Me Down to Sleep" came on the radio. Automatically, I could picture the "Party of Five" episode where Julia went to a Sophie B. Hawkins concert and Sophie was singing this song. I remember because after this episode I loved it so much I had to run out and buy the CD - still a favorite, but now very scratched up.

I think there a lot of songs out there that can be associated with a tv show...well at least for me. Particularly because I have always been a fan of the teenage drama shows (yes, and still am - I can't grow up - Gossip Girl is my current favorite!). A lot of these shows feature bands in one way or another to suck their target audience in (and I'm a prime example of it working). Party of Five had it's characters going to see concerts. One Tree Hill has a nightclub (although, I'm not into the current teenage music so I'm lost on any favorites there).

And that leads me to Beverly Hills, 90210, the ORIGINAL (although, I'm a watcher of the new one too - I know - embarrassing). Of course, there was the Peach Pit After Dark that featured many an artist - but my next most associated song is none other than REM's "Losing My Religion". The "Brenda and Dylan breakup song". I mean seriously, for my generation it's the "Where were you when JR was shot?" moment. I drive Chris nuts with certain songs because as soon as they come on the radio I'll chime in oh..the "this or that" song. He just groans and tells me, "Yes, you say that EVERY time it comes on."
So, do YOU have any major musical memory songs that you drive someone nuts with recounting your memory EVERY time the song comes on? Those were my "tv" memory songs. Now, onto real life...

Of course, Counting Crows "Omaha", "Round Here", or "Mrs. Jones" always bring me back to the summer of '92. My first kiss in Ocean City, NJ. (I actually DO have a picture of the "morning after", but my couch is currently blocking my picture albums to make room for the Christmas tree. That CD was one of my first, and I played it over and over that week while we were on vacation in Ocean City.
Next for me is "Lovefools" by the Cardigans - the ULTIMATE get ready to party song for me. It brings me back to the Spring of '97. I was a freshman at college, pledging D Phi E. (The pic above is my pledge class (Cheryl, Jessica, Ann Marie, me, and Jill) - ahh the version of me that Chris fell in love with (we started dating the fall of '96). Almost every time we would be going to an off campus party or mixer that song would be playing on the radio. Those of us not driving would already be drunk and we would blast it on the radio and all sing along. I hear that song and am just instantly in a good mood.
I LOL just thinking about the next one - I could have a giveaway to have my followers guess what song reminds me of the above picture - but I doubt anyone would get it....who would have guessed Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train"? See, this is the song we chose to have the wedding party walk into at our wedding. HOWEVER, the DJ misunderstood and started it as our grandparents and parents walked in. So, everyone heard "ALL ABOARD", and in rolls Chris's 80 something year old grandma. I never even would have known except some of Chris's friends laughingly told us what a funny sight it was, and I just laugh thinking about it.

There are many other musical memories for me, but probably the #1 for me is Firehouse's "When I Look into Your Eyes." Chris and I never had "a song," even after 7 years of dating. So, when it came time to choose a song for us to have our wedding dance to, we were stumped. At the time we were trying to decide, we had frequent weekend road trips up and down the NJ Parkway or NJ Turnpike to travel between North Jersey and our family in South Jersey. Our best musical compromise was the As Seen on TV, "Monster Ballads". (Go ahead laugh if you want, but it's an awesome CD). It has the bands Chris loves, and all the rock ballads that I love. So, one day when were driving I started listening closely to all the lyrics of the songs on the CD and "When I Look into Your Eyes" jumped out at me as the perfect song for us to dance to. I do have picture of our dance, but I look way gross, so I put in a wedding pic I like a little more.

I would love to read about your top 5 memory making songs!!!! Leave me a comment or better yet, blog about it. But, don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me your playing along. I'll add a link to your blog below if you want to join in!!!

Playing along:


Mummy McTavish December 18, 2008 at 6:17 PM  

I need a child free day to blog all the things I want to blog, unfortunatley I think if i get a child free day I'm supposed to do housework or something. I'll try to play along eventually...

Another DJ misunderstanding has acutally made Tom Jones "sex bomb" into one of our favourite songs (of course I was mortified at the time)

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums December 18, 2008 at 11:11 PM  

You look beautiful in your wedding dress.

I could feel alot of movement and I could even feel them stitching me back up. I just couldn't feel any pain. It was very weird. I did say something to the doctor and he said it was normal. And from what I gather they stick you with a needle first just under the skin and then another longer much larger needle in your spine for the spinal.

Thanks for reading about my csec experience. :-)

Anonymous,  December 18, 2008 at 11:22 PM  

OMG LOL!!! poor grandma :) i didnt realize they had started too soon either since i was still in back with you guys, but that is sooo freaking funny. ALL ABOARD!!! hahahaha and here comes grandma rolling in in her wheelchair! too freaking funny ;)

so there are definitely some songs that remind of various things.

whenever i hear the first fiona apple cd, i start picturing scenes from the Legends of Zelda game i would play while listening to it...its a pretty crappy association.

any time i hear brass monkey by the beastie boys, i think of my field hockey was one of our warm up songs.

pour some sugar on me reminds me of my college pre-games with my friend jen...

sweet caroline (ba ba bam) reminds me of my SJ friends and closing down the bars in somers point

anytime i hear taps or reville, i am reminded of boot camp...either a somber or startling memory...

but most important is 10,000 days by Tool...its the song i first told pete i love him to while we were at the concert...
i would love to find a tool song for our wedding song, but alas, the lyrics just arent appropriate, yet the band is how we connected down in key west...

ok, so hows THAT for a comment?


debi9kids December 19, 2008 at 12:32 AM  

OK, I am old as hell because I not only don't know half the bands you named, but I don't know what half of those tv shows are either. LOL

I will have to really think on this one and see if i can come up with a post. Right now, the only song i can think of that has any association for me that I esp drive Russ crazy with, is some Led Zep song that was played in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. EVERY SINGLE time it comes on, I turn to russ and say, "This song reminds me of that scene..." I used to just do it to drive him crazy.... LOL!

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